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Bikes and Ice Cream

East Bay Bike Path

If you’re the active couple and are looking for something fun and sweet (no pun intended), the East Bay Bike Path just might be the perfect activity for you. With 14.5 miles of safe and unobstructed pedaling through coves, marshes and beautiful Rhode Island state parks, it’s the perfect romantic getaway for the day (not to mention, budget friendly!). If 14.5 miles seems to be a bit much, don’t sweat it! You can choose any pretty spot along this path to eat lunch, enjoy each other’s company and admire the breathtaking views. If you don’t live in the Rhode Island area, you can also easily adapt this idea for bike paths closest to you.

To make this date is a success, we highly recommend prepping beforehand, as you’ll be outdoors for a few hours.

1) Pump up the tires of your bikes! Who wants unnecessary huffing and puffing!

2) Bring enough water bottles for the two of you. There is also a Shaw’s viewable from the Bike path on the right side (heading in the direction of Bristol) if you need to fill up on water or pick up any extra supplies needed. Bring a lock so you can lock up your bikes while you’re in the store.

3) Bring sun screen and be aware of the temperatures during the day as well, even though Rhode Island has a lot of clouds on any given day they will not protect you from the sun.

4) Pack a picnic if you’re planning on completing most or all of this bike path, a much needed break for refueling and resting calls for an opportune lunch with beautiful views. Check out our yummy recipe for Chicken Tortilla Wraps.

5) Pack extra Band-Aids for any unforeseen accidents or blisters.

6) Bring cash for dessert!

During the spring and fall, sweatshirts or jackets are necessary as there are some cool and shady parts along the path, especially in the later part of the afternoon.

Once you have prepped you are ready to go!

*Disclaimer – We like to prep. Though we’re not doomsday preppers, we’re just about everything shy of that. The above list is just a suggestion to help make your planning easier and stress free.

About the Bike Path

The bike path is open all year round, but we don’t recommend going in the winter – no one likes to be cold and miserable! The path is open from sunrise to sunset so plan your trip accordingly so you don’t get left in the dark. We usually start at the north end of the trail in East Providence, however you can also start in India Point Park as that’s a beautiful place to start and is easy to find. This place is especially great starting point if you’re planning on meeting up. There’s also small, convenient parking lot off of Veteran’s Memorial Parkway on the right side (if you’re heading south from Providence towards Riverside) in the Bold Point Park area. For other parking lot locations, check out the East Bay Bike Path website.

Jump on your bikes and enjoy paths surrounded by water, views of the Providence River, the historic Pomham Rocks Lighthouse, beautiful waterside towns of Riverside, Barrington, Warren and Bristol, and tons of great people watching. You can stop any time for water breaks (along with a lunch break if your taking the shorter route) along the various areas with ponds, river views and parks along the way. Most of the parks have a nice cover of trees and plenty of picnic benches. If your toughing it out for the entire beautiful and scenic ride to Bristol, there are some lovely benches along the harbor area to eat your lunch and watch the sailboats drift by.

On your way back, make a dessert stop at Dari-Bee for some ice cream in the Riverside area. It’s a small hole-in-the-wall family business (those are my favorite!) and are extremely bike friendly with tons of bike racks, shady trees and picnic benches. It’s the perfect way to cool down and take a break for from the heat and pedaling. It’s cash only, but if you’ve forgot your cash, you can run across the street to the liquor store where they have an ATM. Enjoy an array soft serve, frozen yogurts, sundays, shakes and other sweet treats to replace all those calories you’ve burned. Hey, you’ve just pedaled over 14 miles! You two deserve a little sugar!


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  1. Sweet! Sarah and I have talked about going cross country one day, although not sure when that will be with the cafe launch just on the horizon. But it’s good to have active and likeminded people in the known for when we do. This sounds like a great time! Thanks for putting this together. We feel lucky for those who will get to enjoy it sooner than later! Blessings!

    • Thanks Jared! We’ll be sharing posts shortly for people outside the New England area as well so hopefully this will be a good read for you in the future. You’ll have to let us know if you plan a trip to the East Coast. Our city has an appetite for craft coffee too and I know a few friends that would be first in line if you decided to do a touring pop-up shop.

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