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Dinner by the River: Waterman Grille

This is a glimpse into one of the first date nights my lovely wife and I engaged in when we moved to the beautiful state of Rhode Island. The lead up to this date was actually a story in itself but to cut it short, our gas stove was not working and we didn’t have a microwave yet so we decided to make it a date night and venture out into the unknown. You know when you walk into a candy store and all of the sudden you have no idea what to get because you have every option in the world? Well that is exactly the situation we were in. We had been in Providence maybe one day and now we had to navigate the culinary landscape that Providence has to offer, which is no easy feat. We figured we would go somewhere relatively close and we landed on Waterman Grille. First off, we had no idea what to expect with this but we knew it was considered a finer dining experience (based off of frantically searching online) so we needed to wear something more than casual, I think I wore a polo and jeans (the bare minimum) and my wife wore a summer dress. We found that the other patrons wore more than the minimum so take that as you will. Secondly, we walked in with no reservations (given we didn’t know much about this restaurant) but that was no issue as it was the middle of the week. I would not suggest doing this on the weekend as they are usually very busy.

Waterman Grille is ideal for a more relaxed yet fancier dining experience. The restaurant is nestled along the Seekonk River on the east side of Providence. When we walked into the restaurant we were confronted with earthy smells coming from the wood burning grill in the kitchen. From there we were greeted by an enthusiastic host. The seating is optimal for a date night as most tables are set up for two but will easily seat four. The atmosphere feels classy and cozy with stunning views of the Seekonk River where the local collegiate rowing teams and fisherman frequent. This restaurant creates a romantic setting that is great for impressing your date or to unwind with your best friends from a hard week. We preferred to be close to the windows so we could watch the sun go down and the lights from the restaurant dance on the rivers surface. The food is always changing with the seasons, which makes coming back all the more fun. I consider it to be fine American cuisine featuring local fare from around the New England area (this restaurant is part of the Newport Restaurant Group, which for those that haven’t heard, is a variety of restaurants dedicated to bringing great local food and fantastic service together).

After all that set up I should probably talk about the food. One thing you should know about me is that I will almost always order the duck off a menu as it’s one of my favorite meats. So on this particular date I decided to try their duck dish, which falls under their signature dishes section, titled “Duck Duo”. This was a dish consisting of duck cooked two ways (duck breast & duck confit) with a side of veggies and rice. My wife on the other hand was in the process of recovering from a diverticulitis attack (pertains to your colon, please do yourself a favor and drink water and manage your stress so you don’t have to deal with this) so she requested a very plain fish dish, which the staff was more than willing to accommodate. By plain I mean a piece of fish with salt and pepper, which she said was good, but I’m guessing anything other than the rigid hospital diet she had been on prior to this meal was a welcome sight. All in all, we love this place and will keep coming back.Seakkonk River Blackstone Park Providence RI

The other part that made this an ideal location for our date night was the location. Before or after you eat you have the option to take a stroll along the Blackstone Park that follows along the Seekonk River, For us, we decided to wait until after dinner to walk off the decadent food. If you park in the restaurant parking lot, you can walk along the road that goes underneath Henderson Bridge. The sidewalks are not well kept at first but once you get under the bridge, the walkway becomes clear and you can see along the river. This is a great place to talk or just enjoy each other at your leisure. I will say that this would be a little frigid in the winter, but I highly recommend doing this walk during the spring, summer, or fall as the temperature should be very comfortable. If the sun still hasn’t gone down during your walk, watch local fishermen pull in their catch of the day or take in the beautiful views and watch the sun go down on the river.

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