Month: June 2015

3 Ways to Know When You're Ready to Date

Real Talk: Is it the Right Time to Start Dating?

The other night, we were celebrating the recent graduation of one of our friends and as usual, an interesting conversation was sparked as we began discussing his future plans. With his whole life ahead of him, fresh vision for what the future could hold and the excitement of a new career on the horizons, naturally the life questions started coming up in conversation. Any lovely ladies on the horizon? Thinking about dating anytime soon? The typical, fun questions we love to ask. But then the table got turned from us being the interviews to the interviewees. How did you guys meet? When did you know it was the right time to start dating? Great question, as that was a question I often asked myself before I met my husband. The conversation was so good and as I reflected back on the questions we answered, I had to share with you all. So for all of you out there who want to start dating, here is a run down of some things we learned about ourselves …

Homemade Chicken Tortilla Wrap Recipe

The Perfect Dinner on the Go: Chicken Tortilla Wrap

These chicken wraps are perfect for any outside date ideas: a day at the beach, an afternoon getaway on your bikes or hike into the woods together. Just roll them up into tin foil and throw them your bag. What’s not to love about avocados, juicy chicken, cheese and the best part, easy to make homemade tortillas? Yes, I said homemade tortillas – it’s in my San Diego nature to boycott packaged tortillas. No judgment though if you want to skip the tortilla portion of this recipe (ok…maybe a little judgment). My husband was literally trying to snatch these delicious and healthy wraps off of the plate before I was able to snap a picture for the blog. Try shooting on a manual camera while swatting your husband’s hands away from the framed shot. I’m sure all the busy mamas out there are laughing at me but this was no easy feat. And that’s also a testament to how mouth watering these wraps are. We hope you enjoy this recipe just as much my husband …