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Carousels and Clam Cakes

Blount Clam Shack Riverside RI

If you’re looking for a date to chill, enjoy some conversation and maybe take advantage of a precious and perfect summer day that’s so rare in New England, we’ve got the perfect idea for you. On this particular date my wife and I decided to head down to the carousel in Riverside, Rhode Island on the corner of Beach Rd. and Bullocks Point Ave. This is a beautiful little hideaway that features local entertainment and community functions at least once a week. It’s also the perfect trifecta of food, fun and beautiful views. It’s a great place to come if you have smallRiverside Beach RI children because in addition to the carousel, there’s a vast amount of parks, playgrounds and beaches. Kids aside, this location works well for a first date or a relaxed date as there are plenty of places to walk around or lay down a blanket and have a picnic.

The first thing on our minds when we arrived in the Crescent Park area was to get some food, enter Blount Clam Shack. There are so many places to get clam cakes, and fish and chips in New England, so finding a place that stands apart is something truly special. Having the location that Blount Clam Shack has also doesn’t hurt but the food here is quite good. My wife loves BLT’s, meaning she’ll order anything with bacon on it and it just so happens that Blount has fantastic BLT’s with a New England flair to it. Instead of pure bacon, lettuce, tomato goodness, you get a piece of fried white fish, most likely sourced locally, wedged right in the middle. However, given this is a clam shack my wife did order a clam cake on the side versus the usual french fries. You can get chourico clam cakes as well if you’re looking for some Portuguese, meaty flavor. I, on the other hand, am a traditionalist and typically order fish and chips when I visit a new seafood establishment in the New England area. Blount presents a large fried piece of white fish layered over a bed of french fries with some tartar sauce on the side. I personally like my fish and chips this way, but will not hold it against anyone that likes things separated out. One thing to note was that the fish was moist and succulent on both of our dishes which is points for consistency. On separate occasions, we’ve tried both the New England and Manhattan clam chowder and both were pretty darn tasty. We highly recommend Blount Clam Shack over your average local fish joint.

Blount Clam Shack Riverside RI

So apart from the food let’s talk about why this is a great date spot. Blount Clam Shack is located in Crescent Park, which also includes the Riverside Carousel just a stone’s throw away and beautiful views of the park, carousel and water. The other nice thing about this area is that Rosa Larisa Park is right across Bullocks Point Ave, which is right on the bay where you can walk along the shore. If you’re not in a beach mood, they have plenty of shady grass areas and gardens that overlook the water. Since the sun was out and shining, we decided to take advantage and order our food to go. We sought out some shade over in Rosa Larisa Park, which was followed by a walk on the beach – sounds a little stereotypical I know but it’s what we did and it still makes for a great date.

Rosa Larisa Park Riverside RI

With that said, this date is the ideal setup for conversation for those that are trying to get to know their date more, but for those that are more seasoned, it’s just nice to enjoy each other’s company. It’s great if you’re on a budget (order the clam chowder as it’s enough to fill you up but is wallet friendly) or if you’re not on a budget and you just want to get outside the normality of the forever popular dinner and a movie date.

Riverside RI


  1. Haven’t been to Blounts at the Carousel, though we’ve been to the Carousel a couple of times. I hadn’t considered it for a date, but you make good points. It’s a nice place for a leisurely walk, with beautiful scenery and a lovely carousel.

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