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A Spa Date for Two – Butter Day Spa in Providence

The past month has been one of the craziest months we’ve had in a while. I was in a pedestrian accident with a car (me being the pedestrian) and spent the end of July recuperating (don’t worry guys, I’m feeling a lot better and back to my busy little self again). Then my parents came to visit us from California and we spent the next three weeks playing tour guide and showing them all that Rhode Island has to offer. We also did a road trip up to Bar Harbor, Maine stopping in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and of course perusing the food scene of Portland. Even though our guests were my parents and it was fun traveling all over beautiful New England, having visitors for three weeks can be exhausting – especially parents or in-laws in my husband’s case (if you missed last weeks post, check out “How to Survive the In-Laws“). So as soon as their flight left, we decided to treat ourselves to something special and relaxing.

We didn’t want to do any planning and we certainly didn’t want to travel. With a mini vacation with just the two of us to a special destination out of the picture, we decided what better way than to plan a staycation and a spa date. Perfect! We booked a couples spa treatment at Butter Day Spa and started a very relaxing weekend. The benefits of massage therapy is amazing and if you go as a couple, you both get to reap the benefits. It reduces anxiety, digestive issues, headaches, insomnia caused by stress and strains from exercise or other physical strains. It’s also an easy way to get out of the day-in day-out mentality and escape together for a couple of hours. After the massage, we both felt relaxed for the rest of the day. Much more relaxing than a dinner and a movie together!

butter-day-spa-providenceButter Day Spa isn’t the typical spa experience I’ve had in the past. I would often go to Palm Springs for massages when I lived in California. There’s just something wonderful about getting a spa treatment and getting to laze around afterwards poolside in sunshine that never goes away no matter what time of the year. The spas I had been to in the past are contemporary and modern with bamboo everywhere and a massive supply of cucumber water and white towels. Butter Day Spa is located in a beautiful old Victorian house in Providence. Not the typical setting I’m used to. I guess this shouldn’t completely surprise me as everything in New England is beautiful, old and Victorian. It has the typical decorations of a spa – fresh flowers, candles, spa products, the list goes on. But intermingled with that is cute Victorian furniture and decor everywhere. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted with a friendly face and the option of wine, champagne, water, coffee or tea with a million choices. The service was impeccable as our day continued there.

Butter Day Spa has a multitude of spa services to choose from: pedicures and manicures, facials, and so forth. What really impressed us was the list of massage options available. You can choose between Swedish, deep tissue, beach exfoliation, Bali body treatment, Clari-sonic body treatment, migraine relief, hot stone, aromatherapy, reflexology, or even have two people work on you if one person is not enough. The list goes on! For the couples massage, you can even choose a combo. Thankfully because my husband loves deep tissue and I personally think that’s a form of torture.

With my husband choosing torture and me choosing a classic Swedish massage, we continued to be highly impressed with their service. They had a room set up with two massage tables, candles and clean, sweet aromas. With my recent accident, my massage therapist was very detailed in understanding every trouble spot and was very attentive through out the entire massage. Eric barely uttered a peep throughout the whole process (usually he’s complaining that there’s not enough pressure). Afterwards, both massage therapists communicated trouble spots that we both have and how to work them out.

All and all, with it’s moderately priced packages and the service we got, Butter Day Spa is now our favorite go-to day spa. We also highly recommend spoiling yourselves and doing a day at the spa together. Not your typical date but definitely something we will be repeating in the very near future.

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