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Farewell Summer: Beavertail State Park Trail

We’ve gotten a boatload of recommendations from both our readers and Instagram followers to go hike the Beavertail Trail at the Beavertail Lighthouse in Jamestown, RI. And we are so thankful for those recommendations because well, we’re now writing about our trip. It was that amazing!

Beavertail Lighthouse Trail, Rhode Island

We are officially convinced that the Beavertail Trail is one of Rhode Island’s best kept secrets. Sorry Rhode Island if we’re outing you, but it’s too good not to share. We’ve had bad experiences with beaches out here. From the amount you have to pay to congested roads with license plates from all over New England all the way down to New Jersey to the non-existence of available parking. Yes I know, spoiled rotten Californian you say. But seriously, beach going is supposed to be fun and relaxing and my anxiety hits the roof anytime anyone mentions East Coast beaches in general. Beavertail, though not a long stretch of sandy beach, has large rocks to set up chairs on, grass areas for family picnics and yes, even small coves with sand. Heaven on earth. The best part? It’s free and all the license plates are Rhode Island. There’s something very special about that.

Beavertail Lighthouse Trail, Rhode Island

Okay, enough about beach gripping. Let’s get down to the details. The Beavertail Trail is located in Beavertail State Park in Jamestown, Rhode Island. You can even see the Beavertail Lighthouse from the trail head. This trail is estimated to be about 2.8 miles but we ended up making it slightly longer by exploring all of the trail forks and viewing areas. It’s a fairly easy hike – mostly flat – with some rock scaling if you go down and check out the water below. Before going out we recommend packing some deet (like all hiking in New England, there is the risk of ticks. Gross, I know, but I had to give the warning as we marched in unprepared but marched out without any encounters). Also, pack a picnic or something easy like sandwiches or wraps. Trust me, you’ll want to eat lunch and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Beavertail Lighthouse Trail, Rhode Island

When you arrive in Beavertail State Park, drive all the way down to Parking Lot 2 – just before you enter into the lighthouse area. Once you park, you can take a tour of the lighthouse and explore the rocks in the surrounding area. However, the real show is on the trail. The trail is a little tricky to find, as usual in Rhode Island. In the parking lot, head due North about a hundred feet. You’ll find a tiny trail sign and an inconspicuous entrance through some tall bushes and short trees.

Beavertail Lighthouse Trail, Rhode Island

From there, there is a labyrinth of trails. The good news is there’s no way to get lost. The road is to the right and the ocean is to the left, so have a little fun and do some exploring. There are some very pretty trails to the right and to the left, there are trails that exit onto the rocks and ocean.

Beavertail Lighthouse Trail, Rhode Island

Depending on your hiking skill level, you can either enjoy the views from the trail or descend on the rocks and do what I like to affectionately call rock scrambling. Heading north, we stayed on the trails to see where they went but on the way back, we hiked along the ocean. We found beautiful tide pools, small beaches with sand and no one on them, and pretty overlooks of the coastline.

Beavertail Lighthouse Trail, Rhode Island

We are in love with Beavertail Trail! Thank you again to those readers that recommended this. This trip was a fitting farewell to summer but we can’t wait until next summer. This will be our beach day go to from now on. Maybe we’ll see you there!

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  1. carless jess says

    This looks beautiful. I’ve still never been to Jamestown. Definitely putting this on the list of outings for this summer!

    If you find the traffic/parking situation at the beaches stressful, you should try RIPTA’s beach bus which runs in the summer. It departs from various points north (Providence, Pawtucket, etc.) and runs express to Narragansett. Best of all it costs $2, and because you took the bus, you don’t have to pay for parking at the beach. It’s pretty stress-free.

    Here is last year’s flyer:

    • This is genius! Thanks so much for sharing this. We’ll definitely be taking advantage of the bus during the summer.

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