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Best Coffee Shops in Providence RI

Best Places for Coffee in Providence RI

Coffee is an integral part of American life these days. Most of the time it provides the kick we all need in the morning to get our day started. While this may be the typical association with coffee, it can also be a great catalyst for a first date or a laid back date. We have scowered Providence to highlight some exceptional coffee shops that each bring their own flair to the joy that is coffee (for those that do not drink coffee, what is wrong with you? Just kidding, or am I???)

New Harvest Coffee and Spirits (@nharvestcoffee)

New Harvest Coffee and Spirits Providence RINew Harvest Coffee and Spirits Providence RINew Harvest Coffee and Spirits Providence RILocated in the oldest indoor mall in America, this establishment has a very relaxed atmosphere with ample seating, wonderful coffee and pastries. They roast all of their own coffee and distribute it around Providence to various establishments so you can expect some killer quality. One of the stand out features about this coffee shop is that they offer a large selection of whiskey for those later hours when coffee might not be the drink of choice. Given that most of the seating is set up for two, this would be a great place to bring that special someone to enjoy some conversation together. Parking can be a little bit of a bear as this is located in downtown Providence so plan accordingly and bring quarters.

Blue State Coffee (@bluestatecoffee)

Blue State Coffee Providence, RIHanging out at the north end of Thayer Street, Blue State is a much frequented coffee shop of students and Providence locals alike. The interior is really set up for studying and group meet-ups but the nice thing about this place is there is ample seating outside, which is perfect for some people watching and conversation. Bringing a date here would be best during the late spring, summer and early fall months when you can actually sit outside without freezing to death. The coffee is very good and the lattes are our personal favorites, but they are sporting a new drink called an espresso fizz, which is worth the try. There are lots of food choices should you choose to have a snack on your date.

The Shop (@theshopfoxpoint)

The Shop Providence RIThis unassuming shop located in the Fox Point area of Providence is one of our favorites purely because they have nitro cold brew. If you have not tried this nectar of the gods then you are missing out my friend. The coffee at the shop is all sourced from Stumptown Coffee, located in Oregon which has a reputation for being one of the better roasters out there right now. So have no fear if cold brew is not your thing – the rest of their offerings are great. This place also ranks high on our list for first dates because you have every imaginable seating arrangement possible and it is a smaller café so you are not trying to talk over any loud noise. The treats are delicious and always changing so make sure to plan a coffee date here in the near future.

Dave’s Coffee (@DavesCoffeeCo)

Daves Coffee Shop Providence RIThis coffee shop insists on being nothing but Rhode Island by roasting their own beans and making their own brand of coffee milk (for those that are not familiar it is the Rhode Island state drink, can’t be found anywhere else). Dave’s Coffee is located in the downtown area of Providence running along the Providence River. One thing you will find here are some unique drinks and great eats. Ever had a vanilla bourbon latte? If that sounds good, then the rest of the list will surely delight. Don’t forget to sample the giant cookies that are great to share with that special someone. Once you’ve ordered your drinks and treats, you will find plenty of seating options to sit and chat.

Bolt Coffee Co. (@boltcoffeeco)

Bolt Coffee Co Providence RIProbably one of the more hidden coffee shops in Providence, Bolt Coffee Co is located in Downcity right next to Faust restaurant. From our experience, we have found some of the more experimental coffee concoctions here. An example of that being an espresso tonic. It sounds weird at first but trust us, you won’t be disappointed. The drink choices keep changing so this is a great place to frequent. The coffee is sourced from all over the place so you are getting a lot of variety when you go here. This is a great date choice because of the cool and modern atmosphere, with neon light accents and great mood lighting to spend some quality time with your date.


    • Eric says

      Yeah I sacrificed my pallet in the line of duty. Haha. It was a lot of fun.

  1. Sarah says

    I also highly suggest Seven Stars Bakery (either location, though I’ve been to the Hope Street one more). Their almond macaroon is heavenly. They have several milk options, and for someone like me with an milk allergy this is really nice to have.

    • Sarah says

      Oops! Hit reply before finishing. Also, Coffee Exchange on Wickenden, while really small, is nice.

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