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Fall Date Ideas: Cider and Corn Mazes

Fall Date Ideas: Corn Maze and Cider Mill

It is fall and sadly it will be gone too soon as winter slowly marches towards us. However we’re not there yet so take heart that there are some great date nights to be had. We took advantage of our day off on Columbus Day and decided to go get some fresh pressed apple cider and adventure through a corn maze. For the seasoned New Englander this should be almost habitual, but for those of us that hail from other places, this was magical.

Fall Date Ideas: Corn Maze and Cider MillWe decided that we should get our fresh pressed apple cider first before going and spending hours wandering the corn maze. We took the recommendation of a friend and made the drive down to Mystic, CT where Clyde’s Cider House resides.

This place does not take apple cider lightly and has been that way for over 100 years. This is a public service announcement: there is a healthy population of bees in this area and given that apples are full of sugar, wait to get your apple cider products and check out everything else Clyde’s has to offer first – you have been warned! Now that we have gotten that out of the way, you can enjoy strolling around the property and taking a look at the active steam cider mill that features on-going tours all day.

Once you’ve seen the magic behind the apple cider curtain you can start working your way over to the store where you can purchase some cider. As a forewarning, the line can be long at times so try and get there earlier rather than later. We decided to get hot apple cider with caramel and a dozen apple cider donuts. The apple cider donuts are downright delicious and the cider is superb. The moment you have your food in hand, run!!!! The bees know you have the goods and they are after you.

Fall Date Ideas: Corn Maze and Cider Mill

Once you’re back in the safety of the car, you can enjoy some of your treats and start heading over to the corn maze. The maze is called Preston Farms and is also in Mystic so you won’t have to go far. Make sure to bring cash as they live in the time before credit cards (a long, long time ago….) and bring comfortable shoes as well.

Fall Date Ideas: Corn Maze and Cider Mill

Now comes the fun part. Your goal is to make it through the maze and find all of the stamps for your scorecard. This will take teamwork and patience as it is really easy to get lost in there but it is an absolute blast. You will make friends with the other maze runners as they are just as lost as you are. It took us two hours to not even finish our scorecard so we applaud anyone who gets all sixteen stamps. Also as a heads up, while you’re in the maze there are ample opportunities for selfies (if you’re into that kind of thing. Stacey likes to capture the moment and I’m indifferent).

Fall Date Ideas: Corn Maze and Cider Mill

After you have either admitted defeat or stand in triumph with scorecard in hand, you can just look at your significant other and smile, because regardless of any differences of opinions you may have had in the maze, you made it through and you still have each other.

Fall Date Ideas: Corn Maze and Cider Mill


  1. Love this! Fall is my favorite season of the year, and apple picking is one of my favorite memory makers. Even though, I live in the South, apple picking and corn mazes are prevalent here, too. I only wish we had an apple press location as you describe. That would be incredible. So glad to have found your blog. Look forward to reading some more. 😊


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