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Date Night at the Butcher Shop?

The Butcher Shop Restaurant Review, Boston MA

We did it again. We’ve headed back into Boston for another date night. This time was a little more low key than the last but after a long week, those are always welcome. For this date night, we headed to The Butcher Shop. No, we didn’t go to an actual butcher shop to purchase meat for a date night. 1) I definitely did not feel like cooking (did you not catch my mention of a long week?) and 2) staring at dead animals is not my idea of romantic. The Butcher Shop is actually a highly rated restaurant in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston. The food is a combo of French (my favorite) and Italian (my husbands favorite) so it was a perfect match for us.

With the name The Butcher Shop, you can expect a lot of well cured, perfectly cut and cooked meat. It is not only a wine bar but also a fully functioning butcher shop. Have no fear though, the restaurant is artfully decorated with a slate wine bar and chopping blocks for tables. New England deli is the last thing that comes to mind when walking into this sophisticated atmosphere.

The Butcher Shop is the brainchild of Chef Barbara Lynch. Though a Boston native, she traveled through France and Italy and brought back the inspiring dining experiences she had there. With hard work and new ideas for the city of Boston, she received the James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Restaurateurn. She’s not playing around when it comes to the dinning experience and neither are we. The Butcher Shop was dang good and had a fun, sophisticated but casual atmosphere to match it.

Let’s get down to the most important detail of this restaurant: the food. Being at a dinning establishment that prides itself on meat, we had to order the antipasti which came with prosciutto, mortadella, sopressata, rosette de lyon (French pork sausage), finnochietta, and the petit jésus. The petit jésus which translates into baby Jesus in English has an interesting story on how it got its name. The waiter explained to us that the meat cures for nine months and finishes weighing around 9 pounds. The meat was indeed immaculate with its rustic taste and velvety texture. We also ordered the pickled vegetables which provided the perfect acidic punch after the rich meats and cheeses.

The Butcher Shop Restaurant Review, Boston MA

Please excuse our dimly lit photos. We did not want to ruin the experience for our fellow dinners that were next to us which I’m sure you can appreciate.

For dinner, we ordered the suckling pig, wiener schnitzel, and the prime coulotte (aka a very tender slice of beef due to the way the meat is cut off of the bone). The suckling pig offered a crunch with a savory blast of pork deliciousness and the prime coulette was a buttery, melt in your mouth piece of meat. I didn’t even need the dipping sauces but when adding them to the coulette, it got even better if that was possible. Honestly speaking, the flavor of the wiener schnitzel was great but was a little dry for our taste (could have been a fluke due to a very busy night). However, based on this experience, we don’t recommend that specific dish to our readers.

The Butcher Shop Restaurant Review, Boston MA

The Butcher Shop Restaurant Review, Boston MAWe of course topped off the night with dessert. Being at a wine bar, we ordered dessert wines to complement our desserts. For actual dessert dishes, we ordered the chestnut olive oil cake (perfection with my apple flavored wine) and the chocolate mousse (a classic flavor after feasting on red meats).

The Butcher Shop Restaurant Review, Boston MA

By the end of the night, we were completely satisfied (food coma in tow) with the delicious and decadent combos of pork, beef and superb desserts. We highly recommend this restaurant if you are looking for a more casual but intimate dinning experience in Boston. We hope you enjoy!


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