Month: January 2016

Free date night ideas: camping indoors

Free Date Night Ideas: Camping Indoors

With the winter holidays fresh in our memories, we’ve been searching for fun date night ideas. If your wallets are a little lighter than normal due to the holidays, we understand you. With that in mind, we wanted to factor both the winter season and our budget into this date idea. We landed on camping indoors because who doesn’t like to build a tent out of blankets? It’s not just for kids anymore my friends. I’m sure most can agree it’s good to mix things up every once in a while, so why not do that with your house? Now you can go the whole nine yards and pull out the sleeping bags, assemble the tent in the house and drag out camping equipment but let’s face it, you are at home and camping can be so much more comfortable. We drug our mattress out of the bedroom and laid it in the middle of our apartment, spread all of our blankets around, hung some of our Christmas lights up to create that “starry night” …

Free date night ideas: how to plan the perfect night in

Free Date Night Ideas: How to Plan a Perfect Night In

Sometimes finding time for a date night can be harder than planning one. With kids, on top of career, on top of daily tasks, date night can grow further and further away from the reality of actually happening. If you don’t have kids, the financial strain can bring fun nights out to a screeching halt. Even living in New England can put a damper on going out. Last year, we got snowed in 5 times on scheduled date nights. To make it even funnier, we’ve had this article on the schedule for a year now to be released this Sunday, and what would you know, there was a snow storm last night. To say the least, we’ve had to learn how to get creative with date nights. In general, having a special night out with your spouse can become stressful. Who has time to get dressed up and find a babysitter anyway? But the beauty of kids is that they have a bed time. And with the comfort of home, you have everything you need for …

6 Valuable Things I Learned in my First Year of Marriage (from the guys perspective)

6 Valuable Lessons I Learned in the First Year of Marriage (from the Man’s Perspective)

The following points illustrate things that I have learned through my first year of marriage as a husband. These are not necessarily words to live but merely lessons that my wife and I are hoping will be valuable to our wonderful readers out there. I have heard, like most men have, the age old proverb, “happy wife, happy life”. While that is generally a fair piece of advice that was communicated to me on my wedding day, I couldn’t help but wonder “how do I go about that in the best way?!?!” So this is a compilation of my knowledge around that very question. 1. Pay Attention Self-admittedly I am still working on this particular point, but it should be said. As a guy, I tend to get laser focused on one thing at a time and my wife is able to juggle ten thoughts at once. You can see where conflict can come into play. One of the things I have noticed is that while I am never able to multitask effectively, making sure …