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Winter Date Ideas: Game Night with Specialty Cocktails

Grapefruit aperol spritz

One of our favorite parts of blogging is meeting the amazing, supportive, talented people of the blogosphere and Sofia Clara is nothing short of that. We met Sofia on Instagram of all places and our blogging relationship grew from there. Sofia is based out of Switzerland and has a beautiful blog on all things DIY, recipes, fashion and everyday life tips. My personal favorite posts are her Ikea hacks – nothing short of clever and beautiful. We hope you enjoy today’s guest blogger and definitely go check out her blog.



Sofia Clara's date night in

I don’t know about you, but the short days and grey weather during the wintertime have a big impact on me. I’m a big homebody and even more so during the winter months, but this month I really started missing those more spontaneous summer dates where you can just throw on a summer dress and head out for a drink or a walk by the lake (I live in Lausanne, right by one of Europe’s biggest lakes).

I thought it would be fun to share a few tips for an inexpensive date night at home – a recipe for lots of laughs, a taste of summer and something a little different to the usual night in.

Set a date

I like to set an actual date for a date night to have something to look forward to. Workweeks are long and it’s nice to break them up with a night in that’s a little bit different to the others. Plan it on a weeknight to break up the week.

Play a game and break the routine

Game night & Aperol SpritzIt’s easy to fall into an after-work routine during the winter so try something a little different: pick a board game or a card game for two. Make it something that will make you laugh or a game that you’ve never played before.

My boyfriend and I like to play Scrabble. His mother tongue is French and mine is English so we play in both languages. It gets quite competitive and the mixture of words is hilarious. We have a travel scrabble board, which is awesome because you can play on the sofa, on the floor, at the table – wherever you fancy. The letters press into the board so they don’t move at all.

Get some snacks ready to keep you going

A good cheese board is our all time favorite snack – we live in Switzerland after all. I like a mix of hard and soft cheeses with some crackers, grapes, dried fruit and nuts. I’m not going to lie; we often just devour the whole board and skip dinner.

Make your favorite summer cocktail

My ultimate summer cocktail and one that has been really trendy around here for the last couple of years is an Aperol Spritz. It’s a summer drink but seeing as I can’t enjoy it out on my favorite bar’s terrace, I like to make it at home as a little taste of summer.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Aperol, it is an Italian aperitif, similar to Campari but with a lower alcohol content and a little less bitter.


Aperol spritz with a twist

Grapefruit Aperol Spritz

  • 3 parts Prosecco
  • 2 parts Aperol
  • 1 part fresh grapefruit juice
  • A dash of elderflower cordial to cut the bitterness of Aperol (optional)
  • ½ a slice of grapefruit to garnish

Fill a tumbler with ice. Fill the glass half way with Processo. Pour in the Aperol until it’s almost full and top up with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. Add a dash of elderflower cordial if you want it slightly sweeter and stir gently. Add a half of quarter slice of grapefruit.

That’s a pretty perfect date night in in my opinion!

Have you got any board games for two to recommend? I’d love to know! xS



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Sofia ClaraName: Sofia Clara
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About the author: I was born and raised on an avocado farm in Southern Spain but have now lived in Switzerland for half of my life. I write a Swiss lifestyle blog (sofiaclara.com) where I share creative ideas to build a life you love including scrumptious recipes, easy DIYs and lifestyle tips. It’s a passion project turned profession (who would have thought!) and I love the continuous learning opportunities and meeting lovely people like Stacey and Eric!



  1. Scrabble and drinks. Perfect combination… so long as you don’t have too many and hamstring yourself in coming up with words! Amazing picture here!

  2. Great idea to play scrabble in two languages and the cocktail looks great. I’ll have to show it to a friend of mine who fancies himself an amateur mixologist. The Aperol is right up his alley. As for games, it’s a bit “adult,” but have you ever played Cards Against Humanity? It’s absurd, borderline offensive in a funny way, and great for when you’re entertaining a large group or couples.

    • I’ve never heard of that game. Went on their website and it looks hilarious. Eric and I are big card/board game players so we’ll have to check it out.

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