Month: March 2016

Fun Date Night In: "Chopped" at Home

Fun Date Night In: “Chopped” at Home

There are some nights that you just want to do something completely out of the box and have a lot of creative fun. We recently got on a cooking kick and along with some cooking documentaries, we also started watching “Chopped”. For those who have never seen the show, it’s an intense competition between chefs of all kinds of backgrounds given odd ingredient combinations and a time limit. We thought, how much fun would it be to actually have a “Chopped” date night? We set off to the store, got our ingredients and cooked up something that definitely would have never even crossed our minds. After judging our cooked results, we decided that if we were on the show, we would have been “Chopped”! After a fun night of creativity, tons of laughs and a couple of faux pas, we came to the conclusion that this was one of our favorite date nights and had to share the idea with you! Instructions: To start, you can either 1) download and print our shopping list for …

How to place a successful anniversary

5 Ways to Plan a Successful Anniversary

It’s that time of year again, when you and your honey are preparing to celebrate another year of wedded bliss, or if you are dating, another year of happy partnership. These events should always be memorable and special. However, it seems that this may become a hard event to plan when you are in the middle of the thing we all must tolerate, life. We feel the stress and anxiety that accompanies life as much as the next couple. Here are a few things that have helped us plan successful and relaxing anniversaries so far in our journey together. 1. Plan Ahead This may seem obvious but it is a must with any event. Set a reminder for yourself a month (or more if you’re thinking of traveling) in advance so you can actually have a moment to think about what you’d like to do. By planning ahead, you will circumvent one of the biggest things that creates distaste for anniversaries: stress. No one likes it and we are all combating it in our daily …

Date night in: sushi kit and homemade sushi

Fun Date Night In: Sushi Kit & Homemade Sushi

We love sushi. We love the colors, the creativity and the artful combinations of flavors. So we decided to bring the creativity home by purchasing a sushi kit and had a fun date night making mostly sushi Frankenstein’s and sometimes works of art. We stuck to maki sushi (rice on the inside and seaweed on the outside) for simplicity and by the end of it, created two really delicious rolls we had to share with you! Other than the prep, maki is surprisingly simple. It’s fun to cut up all sorts of veggies, fruits (avocado or mango anyone?), protein if that’s your thing and combine all of the flavors and colors in every which way. We made futomaki for this date night, which actually conveniently translates to date-maki. Perfect, right? Futomaki is the larger sushi roll we love to order here in America, with the seaweed on the outside and 2 or more inches in diameter of rice and a whole lot of delicious ingredients. Keep in mind that while we found an amazing combination …