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Providence, RI Must Try Restaurants: Milk Money Review

Must go to Providence restaurants: Milk Money RI restaurant review

Milk Money is great for a date with your special someone based on the fact that it is a tapas styles restaurant. For those that are unfamiliar with this concept, it is Spanish for small plates, which is great for sharing and tasting a multitude of different dishes. Milk Money is considered new American cuisine and offers a wide variety of dishes ranging from charred octopus, to fried chicken, to even vegetarian options. With such a wide variety of foods, everyone has something to choose from.

To start, you might be looking for a drink. They have an ever-changing drink menu that has something to offer for everyone. My wife just so happened to order the Modern Man’s Elixir. This particular drink is made for the cold New England winter days. We are not a hundred percent sure what is in it but it is tea based with some whiskey mixed in. If you can figure it out, we’d love to know! All that we could discern is that it was delicious. I had a Manhattan, given that I’m a whiskey lover and theirs was on point. So now that drinks have been ordered, let’s move on to food.

We have to confess that the one dish that stuck out to us was the fried chicken. We could not believe how succulent the chicken was and how perfectly crunchy the crust was. If that was not enough, the chicken is served with a chipotle aioli that is subtle but bold all at the same time. Must go to Providence restaurants: Milk Money RI restaurant reviewThe menu is always changing with the seasons, so even if some of the items have changed since our post, you can rest assured that the quality of the food should never be in doubt.

Other than the chicken we had so many other great dishes as well. The seared cauliflower was oozing with flavor and served piping hot in a small skillet.Must go to Providence restaurants: Milk Money RI restaurant review The pork belly was accompanied by some fingerling potatoes and cauliflower. If you like pork belly crispy this is the dish for you. For the seafood lovers out there you must try the shrimp and grits. The shrimp is grilled to perfection and the grits provides a salty cheesy punch to your palette.Must go to Providence restaurants: Milk Money RI restaurant review And finally, but surely not least, we had some charred octopus that offered the right amount of crunch with a soft finish.Must go to Providence restaurants: Milk Money RI restaurant review Whether it walked on land or swam in the sea the cooking was executed well and the seasonings were always appropriate and delicious. If you happen to partake in a double date and love a good steak, Milk Money offers a 50 ounce bone in ribeye that would be perfect for four. You could try it with two people but I’m not sure the food coma is worth it.

Must go to Providence restaurants: Milk Money RI restaurant reviewSo now you know that the food is great, but you’re probably thinking to yourself, “what about the ambience?” That is a very astute question that begs an answer. From our experience Milk Money is a somewhat a casual/trendy restaurant. You can dress up or you can dress down; it is really up to you. The lighting is slightly dimmed, but not so much that it reminds you of Valentine’s Day or a bar for that matter. The dining room is spacious enough so that you are not overhearing your neighbor tables’ conversations. The music is contemporary and kept at a manageable volume so you can hear your date talk. With its cool brick walls and wood decor, it has a fun urban rustic feel.

All in all, this is a great place for a relaxing Friday evening with your boo or bringing a first date too. If you go, let us know what you think!


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