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Providence, RI Must Try Restaurants: Salted Slate Review

Providence RI Must Try Restaurants: Salted Slate Review

We have walked by The Salted Slate countless times and have always been curious about the restaurant but for whatever reason, never actually went in. Finally, our friend Erika from highly recommended it so we decided to give it a try. Let me start off by saying that this restaurant is an under-rated, under-stated gem of Wayland Square in Providence. The food here rivals some of the best restaurants of Boston, without the attitude.

The atmosphere is relaxed, dimly lit with an urban, contemporary feel. Think cool hanging lights, wood, brick and metals. The wait staff is relaxed, friendly and timely and the parking is a snap.  The presentation of the food is one of my favorite aspects of this restaurant. Most of everything is served on a salted slate, literally. Fun, black, flat slates are placed before you with chunks of delicious sea salt sprinkled on and around the food. For the quality of food, you would expect small portions, but this was not the case. The slates and plates were generously filled with delicious and thoughtful food. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is!

Providence RI Must Try Restaurants: Salted Slate Review

For the night, we started off with specialty cocktails and the cheese and charcuterie plate. Delicious artisan cheeses with pepper chutney, spiced nuts and yummy breads were brought out along with house cured meats. I tried to hog all of the head cheese and prosciutto but marriage is all about sharing.

Providence RI Must Try Restaurants: Salted Slate ReviewProvidence RI Must Try Restaurants: Salted Slate ReviewWe ordered the best dang meat balls with a swipe of  creamy polenta and locally sourced beef and pork. For the main entrée, I ordered the Heirloom Pork (featured picture at the top). Due to my food allergies, they kindly substituted out the creamy potatoes for roasted fingerling potatoes that had the right amount of crunch on the skin. Much appreciation for making a substitute blend into the rest of the dish.

The plate also came with pan seared brussel sprouts and bacon. But what had me talking the whole way back home was the cooked perfection of the succulent pork. I had expected something that was a fall apart pork that had been cooked for hours and doused in sauce. Instead I got a perfectly cut, tender roast with seasoning that just kept me saying “Mmmmmmm”, Mmmmmm”, “Yummmmmm” every time Eric asked me how the dish was. I  let him have one bite and then resumed the domination of my plate.  Don’t judge. He’ll eat all of my food if I give him the chance and this plate was too good to share.

Providence RI Must Try Restaurants: Salted Slate Review

Eric ordered the Roasted Free Range Chicken Breast, and yet again The Salted Slate surprised us with the execution and flavor of a dish that could have been really simple. The chicken was juicy and fall-apart tender. It’s safe to say the chef is a master with meat – cooking and curing it to melt-in-your-mouth perfection.

Providence RI Must Try Restaurants: Salted Slate Review

We topped off the night with dessert. Eric ordered the Fluffer Nutter Cheesecake. It has a funny name but with peanut butter crème fraiche and torched caramel marshmallow, The Salted Slate meant serious dessert business. I ordered the Almost Apple Pie with cooked apples doused in a light caramel, cinnamon sauce and a flakey puff of dough on top. Again, due to my food allergy, I had to hold the malted buttermilk ice cream that would have went perfectly with the hot dessert.

Providence RI Must Try Restaurants: Salted Slate Review

We were very impressed with The Salted Slate, from the down-to-earth, relaxed feel of the restaurant paired with over the top flavor and presentation of the dishes. This hidden gem of the Providence food scene won’t stay hidden for long! Thank you Salted Slate for making our night. We’ll be back.


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