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Summer Cocktail Recipe: Summer Sage and Ginger Fizz

Summer Cocktail Recipe: Summer Sage and Ginger Fizz

We’re so thrilled to have the opportunity to receive complimentary his and her glasses from Painted by the Shore, a local artist located in Connecticut. We’re including a link to her beautiful Esty shop if you want to see more. Also, Kristina the shop owner has kindly given all of our readers 25% off any purchase. Just enter BETTERTOGETHER25 at check out.



Summer will be here before we know it, which means there will be lots of time to kick back, taking in the summer breeze and lazily chit chatting about life. Living here in Rhode Island has given me a whole new perspective of summer. Coming from the land of endless summer (California) but now embracing the land of seasons (which includes freezing temperatures), I have had to learn not to take the seasons for granted and enjoy every single second. It only lasts for so long before fall comes quickly chasing it’s heals.

What is our favorite place to soak it in you ask? On our cute New England porch with the dog at our feet, watching the sun slowly meet the horizon. It’s our favorite place to dream about our future and do relaxing date night activities like our “50 Questions to Really Get to Know Your Spouse”, play a card game (my favorite being 3-13 Rummy) or have dinner by candlelight.

Knowing that we’ll be spending some date nights outdoors, I’ve been on a kick of adding fun, New England nautical elements to our porch like outdoor candles, comfy outdoor pillows and decorative string lights as the season draws near. Painted by the Shore hand painted starfish mason mugs were the perfect icing on the cake to add to the tea tray I use to bring out one of our favorite summer cocktails, Sage and Ginger Fizz (recipe below!). She also makes beautiful wine glasses, wine charms and hand painted candle holders that are perfect little summer details. If only she made pillows like her totes! I’d totally buy them for our bench!

Summer Cocktail Recipe: Summer Sage and Ginger Fizz

Can you tell that I can’t wait for outside afternoons and warm summer nights? If you’re as ready as we are (come on cold-weather peeps, we know you are!), we’ve made this tasty summer cocktail to enjoy on a porch or patio in the arms of your spouse. Ah, a perfect relaxing date night in our books.

Summer Sage and Ginger Fizz

Summer Cocktail Recipe: Summer Sage and Ginger FizzServing size: one

  • 6 sage leaves
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon of crystallized ginger
  • 1 ½ shots of whisky (optional)
  • 6 shots of ginger beer
  • Ice as needed

Take the sage leaves and lemon juice and use the grooved side of the muddler in a cocktail shaker to muddle the leaves and pull out as much of the sage flavor as possible. Add the crystallized ginger and crush using the smooth side of the muddler. This is to make sure that the ginger doesn’t get stuck in the grooves as you want as much of that spicy ginger as possible. Add in the whisky and shake. Finally, add in the ginger beer, gently stir, pour over ice into a glass and enjoy on a porch.


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