Month: June 2016

8 Ways to Prevent Long Commutes from Ruining Your Marriage

8 Ways to Prevent Long Commutes from Ruining Your Marriage

Chances of divorce and infidelity can happen when one or both spouses are commuting long distances. Based on a 10 year study in Sweden,  couples that have commutes 45 minutes or more have an increased chance of divorce by 40%. Not only are there these statics, but there are an overwhelming amount of infographs on Pinterest and headlines on popular sites that read “Couples with Long Commutes are More Likely to Divorce ” and “The Rise of the Super Commuter and the Fall of the Marriage”. It’s enough to make any commuting couple, with a healthy or strained marriage, fear for their relationship. We’ve been in a celebration mood for the last couple months, partly because of my husband’s successful completion of his MBA and partially because he had a job as soon as the diploma was in hand. However, a reality has recently set in on the arrival of his dream job. He commutes an hour to work and an hour back home. Sometimes more depending on traffic. Plus business trips. Uh oh. More …

Budget Date Night Ideas - Do a puzzle together

Budget Friendly Date Night Ideas: Pizza and Puzzles

Before we go into our usual talk about a fun date night idea that you and your’s should add to your arsenal, I would like to point out the accomplishment of getting two words with double “Z”s into the title. Just saying… All kidding aside, my wife and I wanted to do something fun and different but not break the bank. We pondered about what might be fun, but also allow us to spend quality time with each other. The idea struck me and it seemed so obvious after that point. Let’s do a puzzle! Generally speaking, I had not done a puzzle since I was much younger and even then, it seemed like something I did when it was cold outside or camping in the woods with no television. But in all reality, doing a puzzle with your significant other is a great time to communicate and relax. Especially if you are taking on a 1,000 piece puzzle, you will undoubtedly need to talk about the pieces you are finding, if nothing else. The …

Cold Soba Noodle and Pork Salad

Summer Recipe: Cold Soba Noodle and Pork Salad

It’s not quite officially summer here in Providence, Rhode Island, but it sure feels like it. We live in a cute little Victorian house with no AC so as the days have been getting more hot and humid, our meals keep getting colder and colder with more salads and fruits. It’s a little tough to think of a cold meal in conjunction with date night. When you think of dinner dates, you typically think of a beautiful steak or a fancy fish. But with the early summer we’ve had, being in a hot kitchen and eating a hot meal afterwards sounds awful! We decided to get a little creative on date night and came up with a delicious cold soba noodle and pork salad recipe that we absolutely loved. Yes, I know what your thinking. Noodles with salad? Cold noodles? Are you nuts? But I promise you, this is the best dang noodle bowl combination you’re going to want during the summer. And it’s great for date night because it’s more than just a salad. …