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Budget Friendly Date Night Ideas: Pizza and Puzzles

Budget Date Night Ideas - Do a puzzle together

Before we go into our usual talk about a fun date night idea that you and your’s should add to your arsenal, I would like to point out the accomplishment of getting two words with double “Z”s into the title. Just saying…

All kidding aside, my wife and I wanted to do something fun and different but not break the bank. We pondered about what might be fun, but also allow us to spend quality time with each other. The idea struck me and it seemed so obvious after that point. Let’s do a puzzle!

Generally speaking, I had not done a puzzle since I was much younger and even then, it seemed like something I did when it was cold outside or camping in the woods with no television. But in all reality, doing a puzzle with your significant other is a great time to communicate and relax. Especially if you are taking on a 1,000 piece puzzle, you will undoubtedly need to talk about the pieces you are finding, if nothing else.

Budget Date Night Ideas - Do a puzzle togetherThe theory behind the idea made sense, so we purchased a puzzle of a hand drawn cartoon map of Boston that proved to be quite difficult. We wanted to be rather casual about this date night. We also wanted finger food to enjoy while we embark on the completion of our task. Our choice this time was pizza from Flatbread Pizza off of Thayer Street on College Hill in Providence, RI. You could easily substitute in your favorite pizza place or something completely different if pizza is not your thing.

And that’s it! Sweet and simple: just was we needed after a busy work week. This is a fun date night that requires only a puzzle, a pizza and your time. I will warn you ahead of time that my wife is very competitive, so this turned into a race to the finish for us. This added a lot of fun and smack talking to our date night. If that’s how you and your significant other role, more power to you. If you’re not, no worries –  puzzles don’t discriminate.

If you happen to give this date night a try, let us know how it went. As always, we’d love to hear from you!




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