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The Man Approved Outdoor Date Idea: Flintlock Trail, RI

Flintlock Trail, Rhode Island hiking

It is the beginning of summer and we were asking ourselves, “What can we do outside for a date?” True to our form, we decided on a hike that we could involve our pup on. We love to hike as many people do, but we are not intense about it. We wanted something that would be challenging but have some gorgeous scenery, and most of all, secluded time to spend with each other. The fore-mentioned criteria led us to the Flintlock Trail in West Greenwich, RI.

Flintlock Trail, Rhode Island hiking

Before you decide to go romping through the woods of Rhode Island, I must warn you. Make sure you have drenched yourself in tick repellent as well as given your pet the proper preventative measures. Due to the incredibly warm winter we have had (thanks global warming), the tick population has boomed and so please plan accordingly. We want you to have the best experience possible. With that out of the way, we can start talking about much more interesting hiking topics rather than parasites.

Flintlock Trail is nestled way back in the woods of West Greenwich (50 Plain Road, West Greenwich, RI). By way back, we mean you will most likely miss the sign when driving up to the parking lot. If you pass the red farm, you have gone too far.

The trail follows along an old cart path that was made back in the 1700’s by some of the early settlers who were farming the area. You can still see evidence of the farm today as you move along the trail. This trail is part of a larger network of trails in this area that are all color coded for hiking convenience, so make sure you pick out the Flintlock Trail color (Hint: it’s yellow). Once you have gathered the necessary information, it is time for you and your boo to go Indiana Jones all up in this joint.

Flintlock Trail, Rhode Island hiking

While we were walking, it happened to be the time of year when the tent caterpillars were trying to make their cocoons. They were literally everywhere, to the point that we were mission impossible-ing it so as to not get a face full of caterpillar. Otherwise, the trails are clearly marked and there are many sights to see along the way. One such place is the family cemetery that is home to the original settlers that called this place their home. It’s marked as a historical cemetery of Rhode Island, so be sure to stop and take some spooky selfies.

Flintlock Trail, Rhode Island hiking

The biggest thing that you will notice about this trail is how different it looks from the rest of Rhode Island. Most people think of Rhode Island as deciduous forest, but there is so much more just beneath the surface ready for exploration. We experienced meadows, pine forest, deciduous forest, and even an area that had trees with hardly any vegetation but the ground was covered in bushes. It literally felt like an upside-down forest.

Flintlock Trail, Rhode Island hiking

Flintlock Trail, Rhode Island hiking

Apart from all of my movie references up to this point, you now know that the Flintlock Trail is full of natural beauty and history. Now the big question, “Why would I want to take my date here?” It makes total sense why you ask this, given that my wife and I are writing a relationship blog. The short answer is that there are few times right now that we get to unplug and spend real quality time talking about something other than the mounting checklist of things to do. Time spent talking and listening to one another is what dating is all about. So why not go somewhere and unplug with nothing but nature to hear you?

Flintlock Trail, Rhode Island hiking

If you are wanting to make a whole day of it, you can easily bring along a picnic lunch to add another dimension to this date. We found an amazing place to eat with a picnic bench and other smaller benches facing the lake. If you’re looking for some picnic style recipes, we have a an amazing all-out recipe that’s sure to impress or easy on-the-go wraps that are tasty as well.

Flintlock Trail, Rhode Island hiking

Thinking about venturing out into the wilderness of Rhode Island? Do you have any date hikes that were particularly memorable? We’d love to hear about them!


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