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Six Relationship Lessons You can Learn from Pokémon Go

Have you ever thought back to your childhood days of the cartoons and characters you grew up and pretended with? Well as I’m sure a lot of you have heard, the mobile phone game Pokémon Go is allowing everyone the chance to live out their dreams of catching them all! We thought it would only make sense to try and incorporate this game into a date night, as my wife and I both grew up playing the games and watching the TV shows. While this outwardly adventurous game offers fun in groups and by yourself, there are a lot of lessons we took away that are useful for relationships. We realize this is really nerdy but please, bear with us as we tell you about our Poké adventure.

Lesson #1: Be Willing

The knee jerk reaction for many might be that they don’t want to play a childish game and maybe they don’t think of video games as fun. However, a willing heart and mind almost always leads to new self and relational discoveries. It also offers you the opportunity to show your significant other that you care about their interests and dreams. My wife at first discouraged the thought of downloading the game after hearing the ridiculous stories and memes, but after some time thinking about it, she decided that this could be fun if we both got into it.

Lesson #2: Communication

Let’s start where things went wrong. I was driving towards our end destination and it just so happened there was a Pokéstop with a lure a little out of the way. My wife told me to turn but I didn’t hear her and didn’t communicate that to her. This led to some frustration and before the date had started, we were bickering about what was fair in the Pokéworld. If this has happened to you, do not tell your significant other “See, I’m not the only one!” That will not get anyone anywhere productive. Quite honestly, clear communication where everyone is engaged will go a long way towards making your relationship full and healthy.

pokemon-go2Lesson #3: Teamwork

Much like communication, we set out on this date with the inherent goal of working together to catch new and different Pokémon. We would literally sync up our time so we could launch incense to attract new Pokémon. It is crucial to any relationship to work together towards joint and singular goals. I may have caught a higher level Pokémon than my wife at times, but she rooted for me and in return, I did the same for her. Don’t get jealous. Praise each other and enjoy the fruits of working together.

Lesson #4: Don’t Ignore

In our technology filled world, it is so easy to become glued to the many different varieties of screen and distractions. This game can easily become addictive as you feverishly stare at your screen, looking for the latest and greatest Pokémon. In a relationships, that does not fly. Quite honestly, if technology is distracting you from your significant other, you either need to quit it all together or bring your boo along with you. If you are executing points one through three, this should not be an issue in the context of Pokémon Go.

Lesson #5: Don’t Keep Count

In the wide world of Pokémon, there will be many chances to capture different Poké creatures. In your haste, you may find that you did something less than favorable to your partner, such as capturing a tough Pokémon and then not commiserating with your partner as the server crashed again. This has basically happened to everyone. It is important in these situations as the victim, to not start keeping count of the times that your significant other did not comfort you. We are all imperfect trainers and are not going to get everything just right – especially when the control solely rests with the makers of Pokémon Go. Much like real life, it is not worth your time to measure and count all the times your boo has wronged you because at the end of the day, you decided to love each other for a reason. Remember that.

Lesson #6: Laugh

Maybe one of the best things you can do when trying something new is to laugh with your significant other, and even at yourself. It will make the discovery process less stressful and create fond memories. I mean, if you are playing Pokémon Go, you better have a sense of humor. Let’s face it, we all look ridiculous roaming in packs and pointing our phones at inanimate objects.

Who knows, we may start seeing more video games like Pokémon Go on the horizon. It’s the great unknown but we as humans will always have relationships and we need to evolve right along with our Pokémon.

If you have stories of your own we’d love to hear about them!


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