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Providence, RI Must Try Restaurants: Local 121 Review

Brunch tends to be forgotten when it comes time to plan a “date night”. Date morning just sounds wrong. But despite how weird it sounds, brunch dates are great for changing up the scene and having a relaxing start to the day. For this “date morning”, we decided to double date it and meet up with another lovely couple at Local 121.

The restaurant is nestled in Downcity of Providence, Rhode Island at 121 Washington St. The dinning experience is in a space that was home to a prior hotel and has been beautifully restored. All of the building architecture and even the décor is art deco. It feels like you’re traveling back in time as soon as you approach the building. The dimly lit dinning room, comfy leather chairs and large high back booths make your dining experience feel more secluded and is perfect for a date.

Don’t get confused when walking through the door though. The actual restaurant is straight ahead but their basement is home to a historical speakeasy that’s reserved for events and large parties. When I first walked in, I wanted to go straight down the stairs. In hindsight, I should have to explore the speakeasy!

The service was on par. We went on a Sunday morning so it was probably less busy than a Saturday night, but everyone we made contact with was very welcoming and helpful. As for the food, not enough can be said about the fresh ingredients and creativity behind the dishes. Thanks chef!

Let me start off by saying that my favorite part of this restaurant is the fact that it supports local farmers and gets all of their ingredients from Rhode Island. The menu is constantly being shifted to honor the seasons, and Chef Tyler Demora hand selects all ingredients from farms. Words cannot express how much I appreciate the thoughtfulness and detail that goes into every dish, as a fellow lover of Rhode Island and it’s ever shifting seasonal options.

Providence, RI Must Try Restaurants: Local 121 Review

I ordered the special, which was a savory bread bowl with poached eggs and tender short ribs. Much like their traditional poached eggs on the menu, this was accompanied by their red chili hollandaise sauce which from a zero to ten scale, brought it to a twelve from me. Who can turn down a bread bowl and perfectly done hollandaise?

Providence, RI Must Try Restaurants: Local 121 Review

Eric ordered the Oaxacadilla, which contained Oaxaca cheese, black beans, yellow rice, spinach and home fries prepared quesadilla style. If you don’t know what Oaxaca cheese is, it tastes similar to a jack cheese but has the consistency of mozzarella. Eric said the sauce and potatoes are what made the dish over-the-top excellent.

Our double date buddies ordered the Eggs Over Easy (featured image at the top), which had fried fresh farm eggs, spring vegetables, grilled toast, house made jam and home fries. It also had puréed avocado that added an interesting and creative element.

Providence, RI Must Try Restaurants: Local 121 Review

They also ordered the Italian Sausage Benedict that had that delicious red chili hollandaise I’m obsessed with, over poached eggs and of course, their home fries. Our friends were both impressed with the presentation along with the flavors and creativity that came along with all of the dishes.

We absolutely loved Local 121 and are looking forward to trying their lunch and dinner menu. Yes, all of them because we can’t get enough of their fresh flavors. It has the perfect date night atmosphere and amazing locally sourced dishes, Only downside is the parking, which is to be expected in any city. There is a very close parking garage available if street parking is not. And always remember that street parking on Sundays and after 6pm is free. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve tried to warn feeding the meters after 6!

Have you been to Local 121 before? What did you think? Have any Rhode Island, Massachusetts or Connecticut restaurants you can recommend to us? As always, we love hearing from you.



  1. I think brunch is underrated and date day can be just as fun as date night. I live in Rochester, NY so I do not have any restaurant suggestions for you. But if I ever find myself in Rhode Island I will definitely check this restaurant out.



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