Month: August 2016

Romantic scanvenger hunt date night

Romantic Scavenger Hunt Date Night

I’m sure you’ve done tons of scavenger hunts in your day, collecting random items with a group of friends for a probably not-so-great prize. When doing a scavenger hunt for our own date night, a lot of the items on lists we found seemed random. What did light bulbs and an old newspapers have to do with date night any way? So as we do here at Tonight’s Better Together, we came up with our own fun, creative list that’s romantic and perfect for date night. Scavenger Hunt Instructions: Below is a list of items to find. You can find these items in your neighborhood, the mall, the grocery store and your own home. The sky’s the limit! You can also download the PDF for easy traveling and checking off your found items. It’s fun to come together and see what each of you has come up with and it’s also fun to go on the adventure together. That’s why some items on this list you will need to split up for and others you …

Day date on Block Island, RI

Day Date on Block Island, RI

Most people are familiar with locations like Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket Island. Memories of warm summer days with Atlantic Ocean breezes may come flooding through your conscious mind. A fun fact, Martha’s Vineyard was where the original Jaws movie was shot, but you can relax because the shark was fake and anytime a great white gets anywhere near a beach the authorities are hot on its tail. However, there is a lesser known Island off the coast of Rhode Island that, in our opinion, could be better than any of the aforementioned locations. Block Island is a small island that is just a ferry ride away for any who wish to enjoy its shores. With the summer heat in full swing, my wife and I decided to take a day for ourselves and go find some cooler climates. We landed on Block Island as we had not been there before and we had only heard good things from friends. We were pleasantly surprised to find this to be a relaxing day for two. …

Hammock Date Night

Summer Date Ideas: Hammock Together

While fold out chairs have been the gold standard for enjoying sunny summer days, the hammock is the completely underrated runner up. We thought investing in a hammock would add some flavor to our summer days and we were instantly overjoyed when we were right. While you’re sitting atop a heap of metal and plastic, you could be gently swaying in the wind between two trees strengthened by time and patience. Okay, I get that my description is a little too picturesque but hammocks are just better. One fateful summer evening, we decided to head down to India Point Park in Providence, RI. The temperature was in the mid 80’s and was dropping as the sun was dipping lower in the sky. We found a spot between two trees with sufficient strength atop a small null in the middle of the park. It was the perfect spot to either watch the walkers go by or see what the local fishermen were pulling in. It was made all the better by snuggling with my wife and …