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Summer Date Ideas: Hammock Together

Hammock Date Night

While fold out chairs have been the gold standard for enjoying sunny summer days, the hammock is the completely underrated runner up. We thought investing in a hammock would add some flavor to our summer days and we were instantly overjoyed when we were right. While you’re sitting atop a heap of metal and plastic, you could be gently swaying in the wind between two trees strengthened by time and patience. Okay, I get that my description is a little too picturesque but hammocks are just better.

Hammock Date Night

One fateful summer evening, we decided to head down to India Point Park in Providence, RI. The temperature was in the mid 80’s and was dropping as the sun was dipping lower in the sky. We found a spot between two trees with sufficient strength atop a small null in the middle of the park. It was the perfect spot to either watch the walkers go by or see what the local fishermen were pulling in. It was made all the better by snuggling with my wife and gently rocking back and forth.

Hammock Date NightA date like this can be easily paired with a picnic and fun conversation starters like our 50 Questions to Really Get to Know Your Spouse. While lazily enjoying your dates presence is not much of a date on its own, it can add intimacy to an otherwise run of the mill date. It’s certainly better than a couch. The crux of a good date is creating an atmosphere to relax and communicate with your special someone. A hammock is a great addition to any date as you are almost forced to be close to your significant other. Gravity has a way of doing things like that.

If you happen to be in the Providence area, there are four parks with trees that meet hammock criteria: India Point Park, Blackstone Park, River Walk, and Prospect Terrace Park. So if you want to experience the joy that is hammocking, plan to visit these parks with your own hammock in tandem with a wonderful date with your boo.

Happy swinging!







    • Eric says

      We recommend ENO brand. They’re reasonably priced and come in any configuration you could imagine.


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