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Romantic Scavenger Hunt Date Night

Romantic scanvenger hunt date night

I’m sure you’ve done tons of scavenger hunts in your day, collecting random items with a group of friends for a probably not-so-great prize. When doing a scavenger hunt for our own date night, a lot of the items on lists we found seemed random. What did light bulbs and an old newspapers have to do with date night any way? So as we do here at Tonight’s Better Together, we came up with our own fun, creative list that’s romantic and perfect for date night.

Scavenger Hunt Instructions:Romantic scanvenger hunt date night

Below is a list of items to find. You can find these items in your neighborhood, the mall, the grocery store and your own home. The sky’s the limit! You can also download the PDF for easy traveling and checking off your found items.

It’s fun to come together and see what each of you has come up with and it’s also fun to go on the adventure together. That’s why some items on this list you will need to split up for and others you will need to find together. Those items you need to split up for are indicated to help make planning your night a little easier.

Good luck, have fun, and happy hunting!

Scavenger Hunt Items:

Download the PDF

  1. Get a napkin from a restaurant.
  2. Find a penny with your anniversary year.
  3. Find the craziest/scandalous underwear you can find.
  4. Find a memento that symbolizes where you want to travel to together.
  5. Find the oldest photo of the two of you together.
  6. Find a certain amount of matches (keeping the flame alive 😉) for the amount of years you have been together.
  7. Find a greeting card that best describes your relationship.
  8. Get the business card from your favorite restaurant you both like to go to together.
  9. Take a photo of the location of your last date night.
  10. Find a recipe (bonus if it’s something you want to try!)
  11. Find something heart shaped.
  12. Take a photo of your “dream house” together.
  13. On your own, find your partner’s favorite flower (yes even for the men).
  14. On your own, get your partner’s favorite candy.
  15. On your own, find a poem that describes your partner.
  16. On your own, find a bottle cap (or cork) of your partner’s favorite drink.
  17. On your own, find your favorite piece of clothing that your partner wears.
  18. On your own, find a teddy version of your partner’s spirit animal (can be an animal that reminds you of your partner). You can also snap a photo of it.
  19. On your own, find a stranger and have them draw a photo of your partner based off of your verbal description.
  20. On your own, find a balloon in your partner’s favorite color.



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