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Worcester, MA Must Try Restaurants: Deadhorse Hill

Worcester, MA Must Try Restaurants: Deadhorse Hill

We recently adventured away from our usual stomping grounds of Providence, RI and found ourselves in Worcester, MA. We had no preconceived notions about Worcester so looking for a place to eat offered us quite the dilemma. There are so many options to choose from in Worcester so picking our first place to eat was a nail biter. However some friends of ours recommended Deadhorse Hill in the downtown area, so we figured that was a good place to start our culinary story in Worcester.

Deadhorse Hill offers a myriad of experiences. As you enter, you are confronted with an espresso bar that separates the lunch and dinner dining room from the breakfast dining room. We were here for dinner so we can’t speak to the breakfast date experience here, but if you have we’d love to hear about it. In the dining room there is a well manned bar front and center for those that would like to watch the excellent bar tenders practice their craft. We opted for the table as date nights are generally better when you are facing your date.

The menu is curated with a seasonal and local approach. It was the middle of summer here in New England when we went so the menu had lots of fresh vegetables. We started our meal with a small sampling of pig head terrine. This is basically head cheese and if this sounds a little odd, we don’t blame you. This was actually our first time trying it as well. Our courage paid off as this was served with some mustard seed and pickles, which coincidentally make this starter amazing. If this is not what you are looking for on your next date night, have no fear. Their menu offers many different options for many different palettes.

Worcester, MA Must Try Restaurants: Deadhorse Hill

The timely staff quickly cleared the table and offered up very insightful recommendations for our entrees. I have a habit of choosing seemingly simple dishes to see what kind of spin the chef could put on it. My wife, on the other hand, is always on the search for the last entrée she will ever order from that respective establishment. With that in mind, I ordered the grilled skirt steak that is served alongside fresh heirloom tomatoes atop an avocado vin that pulls the whole dish together. If you love juicy tomatoes then think about giving this dish a try.

Worcester, MA Must Try Restaurants: Deadhorse Hill

My wife chose the 21-day aged duck breast that is served with a medley of deep fried eggplant squares, golden beets, and chickpeas. Believe it or not, a homemade barbecue sauce was used as the glue that held this dish together. My wife didn’t say much after the dish was put in front of her so I’m guessing that is a good an endorsement as any. While the menu may be different now, we will not be forgetting our experience any time soon.

Worcester, MA Must Try Restaurants: Deadhorse Hill

So let’s recap: this restaurant is nestled in the downtown area of Worcester, MA. It offers every meal of the day and has a relaxed but intimate atmosphere. The price tag does not fit a budget date nor does it demand one week’s pay, as it is right in the middle. The food is curated by a superb kitchen that is backed up by a stellar bar staff. The ingredients ebb and flow with the seasons and are always at the peak of freshness. If you are in and around the Worcester area make sure to give Deadhorse Hill a visit.



  1. Amber R. says

    I am an MA native (the Springfield area), and have actually never been to Worcester. My boyfriend and I will have to try this place if we decide to go in the future!


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