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Salem, MA Must Try Restaurants: Opus Review

If you have been following our adventures here at Tonight’s Better Together, you know we took a trip to Salem, MA. While on said adventure, we happened upon the restaurant Opus. This restaurant is a mash-up of cuisines; however, it all somehow works together. When you enter Opus, you are transported into multicolor décor accented by local art. At the time of our dining experience, they happened to feature nothing but Beetlejuice inspired art. If you love Beetlejuice, then this is the place for you!

So other than the peculiar décor, this restaurant is best enjoyed in leisure attire. The place kind of sprawls so this is not an intimate experience but a great choice for a Friday or Saturday night out. There is a basement level that hosts live music, a separate bar, and arcade so there is always something going on to shake up your evening.

Opus review Salem MassachusettsThe great thing about Opus is that they can pretty much cater to any craving you might be having. After a long day of walking and exploring all that Salem has to offer, this place really hits the spot. You can order a big juicy burger or sushi on the same menu.Opus review Salem Massachusetts The amazing thing is both are great! We started our meal with a couple appetizers so we could start sampling as much as possible. We decided to try the feta stuffed dates wrapped in bacon. I know this is a common party dish these days but we can’t resist them. We also ordered some pork belly tacos, which were drizzled with a sweet sauce. When savory and sweet come together, it is truly a match made in heaven.

Opus review Salem Massachusetts

The appetizers drew us in but the entrees hit it home. I happened to be in the mood for some ramen. If they have burgers and sushi, are you really surprised by the ramen option? They put their own spin on it by featuring shrimp and pork belly in a pork based broth. I realize this is heresy for the ramen aficionados among us, but it was tasty none the less. Stacey decided to partake in some sushi because she really can’t help herself when it comes to raw fish. She ordered the Yummi Roll featuring tuna, avocado, and cucumber topped with salmon, avocado, fried leek, and white miso glaze. There were so many other options we did not get the chance to sample so when you get a chance to make it over to Opus, get ready for many more excellent options.

Opus review Salem Massachusetts

To finish the night off, we ordered the cheese plate served on a black slate platter.
The cheeses ranged from soft and creamy, to hard and robust. We were given a warm half loaf of crostini as well as homemade jam with some fresh fruit on the side. It was a great end to a wonderful night. While Salem has many options, we think Opus will be an instant memory and the perfect dinner stop after a full day of exploring.

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