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How You Can Use Myers-Briggs to Better Your Marriage

How You Can Use Myers-Briggs to Better Your Marriage

Have you ever taken the Myers-Brigs test before? If you haven’t, it’s time to understand you and your spouse a little better. I believe that if you can understand the cause of what makes people make the decisions they do, you can really understand how to thrive with in your relationship with them.  With this free worksheet, learn how to communicate, motivate, protect, and care for your spouse.

Don’t know what the Myers-Briggs test is? In short, it’s a test to give you accurate results of your psychological indicator type (I’m an INFJ and Eric is an ESTJ). Remember that everyone is unique and with 16 categories, there may be a couple traits that might not be exactly you. But it does gives you a deep understanding of who you are and what motivates the decisions you make. This test is used by psychologists and counselors helping clients to understand their complex personality, and even large corporations helping their employees thrive in their work environment.

How You Can Use Myers-Briggs to Better Your MarriageI’m sure you’ve taken Facebook quizzes before, but this is more than finding out what Disney princess doppelgänger or dessert you are. It helps how you and your partner understand how you both perceive the world. Pretty cool, right?

We’ve created a worksheet to help guide you on how to really understand your partner and apply your findings to your marriage. Take the free, 12 minute test here, print out this free downloadable PDF worksheet for you and your partner, and fill out your worksheets together once you have your test results. For the best results, answer the Myers-Briggs test honestly and try not to have any neutral answers.

Download our free worksheet!

What’s your personality type? Did you learn anything new about your spouse with this activity? As always, we love hearing from you!



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