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The Mall Gift Swap Challenge Date Night

The Mall Gift Swap Challenge Date Night

Around the holidays, the mall may be for gift shopping but it can also provide the backdrop to an epic date night. Get into the spirit of the holidays with this traditional and fun group game of gift swapping that can be played as a couple too! The rules for the The Mall Gift Challenge Date Night are simple:

The Rules

  • The Mall Gift Swap Challenge Date NightDecide on a cash amount.
  • Put the cash in an envelope. You CAN NOT spend over that amount.
  • Head to the mall or a local shopping center with a variety of retail stores to choose from.
  • Split up for 30 minutes and find the best gifts possible.
  • Bonus round: Wrap your gift before meeting.
  • Meet at the food court or nearby restaurant for dinner and exchange your gifts.

Download the free PDF printable instructions

We’ve played this Christmas gift giving game with friends quite a few times before we were dating. We had so many fun memories with this game that we decided to take a throwback holiday tradition and give it a try as a date night.

The results? Eric got me a a beautiful, printed scarf and I found him whisky stones. It was all and all, a fun and thoughtful night together.

The Mall Gift Challenge Date Night isn’t limited to Christmas! You can also play this on Valentines Day, your anniversary or any ol’ winter night you want to get out of the house. Have fun and good luck!




  1. Sounds like a lot of fun and generally just a nice time to spend with your loved one. However, I’ve also played this game where you each go and try to find the absolute worst gift possible. Haha. The results can be extremely hilarious.

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