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The Ugly Sweater Date Night Hunt

Christmas is a time to get cute, cozy, and tacky. If you and your other don’t already have an ugly sweater, it’s time to go shopping! The name of this game is to find the ugliest Christmas sweater for your partner. This date night is sure to bring lots of laughs (and a little cringing too).

the-ugly-sweater-hunt-date-nightWe headed to the mall together and found a sweet little shop that definitely has some cringe-worthy sweaters. I scored “A Christmas Story” leg lamp sweater for my husband. He some how found an ugly knit with a Chihuahua and decorated cactus, paying homage to my high school years living in Southern California’s deserts.

We not only had a lot of laughs, but we’ll be ready for the next ugly Christmas sweater party that comes our way.

The Ugly Sweater Date Night Hunt Rules:

Download and fill out the Ugly Sweater card and swap with your partner. Then head to your local thrift shops, vintage boutiques, or mall together to find the ugliest Christmas sweater for your significant other.

Download the free PDF printable.



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