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DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas: Hide Cards Around the House

DIY Valentine's Day ideas: Hide handwritten cards around the house

Hiding cards around the house is the perfect Valentine’s Day, and even Anniversary or birthday idea. It’s a great way to remind your partner how much you think of them, how thankful you are for them, and how much you love them. Forget the traditional Hallmark card and do something that will be a simple and sweet gesture for your special occasion.

This is one of my favorite February 14th ideas my husband has done. It was thoughtful, creative, but not too over-the-top cheesy — my kind of Valentine’s Day.

Here’s how to pull off this cute Valentine’s Day idea:

  1. Buy simple and small cards. You’ll want something that has a Valentine’s cover but are blank on the inside.
  2. Plan what you’ll write in the cards. Remember, you’ll be hiding quite a few around the house. You want to be careful of rambling and you want them all to be meaningful. Choosing a theme makes it easy. Here are examples of themes you can write about:
    1. Reasons why you’re thankful for your partner
    2. Reasons why you love them
    3. A walk down memory lane of your marriage with you favorite moments together
    4. Stick figure doodles explaining your relationship
    5. Different messages of encouragement
  3. DIY Valentine's Day ideas: Hide handwritten cards around the houseWrite a different message in each card, seal them, and then number them. This helps both of you figure out what cards are left in case you hide them too well.
  4. Decide when you’ll hide the cards. You can wake up early to hide them around the house or on the way out to dinner, say you “forgot something in the house”, and quickly hide them around the house while your boo waits in the car. If you’re really suave, find a minion to hide them around the house for you while out on your date.
  5. Once your cards and plan are ready, hide them around the house. Be careful of hiding them too well. You don’t want to frustrate your partner. Tuck them in books and picture frames with the cards sticking out, on tables, on the refrigerator, etc. If you have a large house, set boundaries. For example if you live in a two story house, only hide them downstairs. My husband only hid them in the living room and dining room.
  6. Enjoy your partner’s joy as they find and open each card.

Do you have any other writing  ideas or fun hiding spots? We’d love you to share them with our readers so comment below! Happy Valentine’s Day!


    • Thanks! My husband came up with the idea two years ago and it’s stuck with me. I still go back and read the cards. Your husband will love this 🙂

  1. I really love this idea, I did something similar one year, I made little short 30 seconds video clips of myself telling her about something I loved about her. I put them on dvds and hid them around the house. She found each one and popped it into the DVD player. It was awesome and she really loved them. I think I’m going to do something similar to the letter, but hide options objects that remind her of special things over our relationship. Hoping it’s a hit.

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