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Sexy Easter Egg Hunt – Add a Spark to Your Marriage!

Sexy Easter Egg Hunt - Add a Spark to Your Marriage!

This date night idea is not for those who blush easily. If you’re looking to add a spark to your marriage, we have a fun, spring themed activity to get the engines of romance revving. This is an adult, married couple Easter egg hunt that does not include jelly beans! Put the kiddos to bed and let the hunt begin.



  1. Download, print, and cut out the PDF or write these ideas on stickies. If there’s any that make you feel uncomfortable, you don’t need to include them. Download here
  2. Purchase 3 of 12 packs of empty plastic Easter eggs.
  3. Stuff the Easter eggs with the sexy ideas.
  4. Put the kids to bed or find a baby sitter!
  5. Toss the eggs around the bedroom, living room, and dining room.
  6. Ready, set, go! It’s time for your spouse and you to collect as many as possible.
  7. Open your eggs when your ready to use them and follow the instructions on the papers in the eggs. I recommend both you and your spouse opening a few at a time throughout the week for steamy, unexpected surprises.
  8. Make sure to find all 36! You don’t want your kids to find these πŸ˜‰


Sexy Easter egg stuffers

  1. Give me a back massage
  2. Give me a foot massage
  3. Sexy Easter Egg Hunt - Add a Spark to Your Marriage!Give me a head and neck massage
  4. Have dessert in bed
  5. Strip tease for me
  6. Give me whip cream licks
  7. Talk dirty to me
  8. Give me head to toe kisses
  9. Give me a lap dance
  10. Share your sexual fantasy
  11. Feed me strawberries
  12. Dress up in something sexy for me
  13. Tell your spouse what to do in bed for 5 minutes
  14. Blind fold your spouse and have them taste test
  15. Make out in a place in the house you haven’t made out yet
  16. Lightly caress my body
  17. 1 minute make out session
  18. Put a blindfold on your spouse and tease them
  19. Lick anywhere your spouse wants for 1 minute
  20. Ear nibble
  21. Oral pleasure for you
  22. Oral pleasure for them
  23. Try a new position of your choosing
  24. Light some candles and turn the lights off
  25. Choose a room other than the bedroom to have sex in
  26. Stare into each other’s eyes for 1 minute
  27. Slow dance together
  28. Try a Kama Sutra position
  29. Try something different with oil
  30. Feather tickle your spouse
  31. Play with ice
  32. Get teased in the shower
  33. Quickie!
  34. Guide your spouses hands where you want them
  35. Feed me chocolate
  36. Turn on some seductive music!





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