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20 Ways to Appreciate Your Spouse and Stop Complacency From Damaging Your Marriage

Complacency is a nasty little thing. It’s a dangerous habit in marriage that’s easy to fall into and  can result in taking your significant other for granted. Time slips by and so do jobs, bills, kids, house, and family responsibilities. Before you know it, you and your spouse have no time to connect and you’re putting your relationship on auto-pilot.

The best way to fight complacency in marriage is through appreciation. Here are 20 easy actions you can do to appreciate your spouse and stop complacency dead in its tracks.

  1. Bring your spouse flowers.
  2. Send your spouse appreciative text messages.
  3. Leave Post-It notes on the bathroom mirror telling your spouse how you appreciate them.
  4. Leave a letter of appreciation in your spouse’s car.
  5. Pack a note of appreciation into your spouse’s lunch box.
  6. Make your spouse a special dinner just because.
  7. Remember to say thank you when your spouse does something small for you.
  8. Remember to be appreciative if your spouse does something big for you.
  9. Buy your spouse a small gift to show them you appreciate them.
  10. Deliver lunch to your spouse as way to say thank you.
  11. Email your spouse at work to tell them how much you appreciate them.
  12. Plan a surprise date for your spouse. Even something simple goes a long way.
  13. Publicly praise your spouse on social media.
  14. Create a thoughtful, DIY card or gift for your spouse.
  15. Praise your spouse in front of the kids.
  16. For the extroverts, throw your spouse an appreciation dinner party with friends.
  17. Take over one of your spouse’s chores for the week as a way to say thank you for their hard work.
  18. Book your spouse a day at the spa because they deserve it.
  19. Surprise your spouse with a weekend adventure!
  20. Have the kids write letters or drawings of appreciation for your spouse.

Being thoughtful and appreciative will remove and even prevent complacency from silently slipping in and damaging your marriage. Put these ideas into action and watch your marriage blossom. A little appreciation can go a long way!

Do you have any creative ideas to show your spouse appreciation? Share with our readers below!


    • Life gives us interesting perspectives, doesn’t it? I grew up in a divorced household (3 times) and learned a lot by watching my mom go through ended marriages. Who knows, maybe one day when the time and person is right, you can apply this and everything you learn along the way for a happy and peaceful marriage.

  1. Great tips! It is very easy to slip into this “zone”. I’ve been married for almost 12 years now with 3 young kids and my husband and I go on dates biweekly or monthly with an occasional getaway. It is important for couples to do things like this because there are so many other things demanding our attention.
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