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Our Top Ten 2017 Posts for Marriage Resources and Date Ideas

Our Top Ten 2017 Posts for Marriage Resources and Date Ideas

We’ve successfully reached a second year in blogging and we have a lot to celebrate. We have an ever growing and amazing community of 5,000+ readers, we’ve written 94 posts, and have spent countless hours planning, researching, writing, photographing, and learning. We’ve even started a monthly newsletter, and have collaborated with fellow relationship bloggers and date night worthy products and services. The long hours haven’t been easy but it’s certainly been worth it!

So in celebration of our two year blogiversary, here’s a round up of the top ten articles that became everyone’s favorite over the past year. If you’re not a weekly reader or if this is your first time here, this is a great way to get to know us. We invite you read and join the community.

1. 50 Questions to Really Get to Know Your Spouse

Maybe you’ve been married for a while and the conversation has run dry. Maybe you’re newly married or engaged and want to know your partner on a deeper level. Or maybe you two are so busy and want to have deep conversations but don’t know where to start or have the time to think up thought provoking questions. Whatever stage your marriage is in, we have come up with 50 fun and thought provoking questions to ask each other on date night.

2. Time Capsule Date Night – With Free Downloadable Templates

Time capsules are a fun community, school, or family activity. But they also make a fun DIY date night idea to create together and even more fun to open at a later date.

3. 50 Fun “Would You Rather” Questions to Get to Know Your Spouse

Need a fun activity for date night that really gets the laughs and conversation flowing? We’ve come up with some fun (and a few funny), thought provoking questions for you and your partner to get a little closer and laugh together.

4. Romantic Scavenger Hunt Date Night

I’m sure you’ve done tons of scavenger hunts in your day, collecting random items with a group of friends for a probably not-so-great prize. We put our own spin on the classic scavenger hunt with a fun, creative list that’s romantic and perfect for date night.

5. Fun Date Night In: Sushi Kit & Homemade Sushi

Get your hands a little dirty and make a dinner together that is sure to impress. Making the dinner is part of the fun with this date night recipe idea.

6. 25 Ways to Love Your Wife

Using the concept of the “5 Love Languages”, we came up with a list of 25 ways to show your wife love in a way she most appreciates. Whether she loves gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, or a good back rub, we have all sorts of ideas for you to “wow” her.

7. How You Can Use Myers-Briggs to Better Your Marriage

I believe that if you can understand the cause of what makes people make the decisions they do, you can really understand how to thrive within your relationship with them.  With this free worksheet, learn how to communicate, motivate, protect, and care for your spouse.

8. Sexy Easter Egg Hunt – Add a Spark to Your Marriage!

This date night idea is not for those who blush easily. If you’re looking to add a spark to your marriage, we have a fun, spring themed activity to get the engines of romance revving. This is an adult, married couple Easter egg hunt that does not include jelly beans! Put the kiddos to bed and let the hunt begin.

9. Date Adventure: Ben Utter Trail to Stepstone Falls

We love to adventure and hiking always makes for a fun day date. Check out the mesmerizing, fairy-tail photos and see why we love Rhode Island so much.

10. Date Night Worthy Mac and Cheese

This isn’t just any old mac and cheese recipe. This is pour-some-red-wine, date night worthy, mac and cheese. Mac and cheese is a relatively simple dish but a crowd pleaser. Who doesn’t like devilishly rich cheese and pasta?

A very special thank you to our community of readers. You’re the reason why we’re here! Have any topics you want us to cover in the coming year? Let us know below!

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