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15 Ideas to Honor Your Husband This Father’s Day

15 ideas to honor your husband this Father's Day

Father’s Day is an occasion to show your husband, the father of your children or even future children, some hard-earned respect and care. Show the man you love how much you appreciate him. Here are some ideas to honor your husband this Father’s Day:

15 ideas to honor your husband this Father's Day

  1. Go fishing with him and turn it into a picnic. Bring a portable grill and plan for eating some of his hard earned catch, but make sure you have a backup just in case he gets skunked.
  2. Go to a car show! You may not care about what type of engine is in that 80’s GTO but he does. Let him tell you all about it.
  3. Take him to a concert with his favorite band. This is always location dependent but live music always makes for a good time.
  4. Book a reservation at his dream restaurant. We know there are foodies out there and this speaks to their love language.
  5. Go camping for the weekend. This takes a little planning but if your husband loves the outdoors, this is a great way for him to spend Father’s Day. Plus your kids will love it too.
  6. Have an all day marathon of his favorite series. There are those who love to binge on their favorite shows so let him do just that. Make sure he has his favorite food too!
  7. Learn something new. Maybe he has been dreaming of trying something new for a while but hasn’t gotten around to doing it. Make it happen! He’s ready for a new challenge and this could be that time.
  8. If he’s an art buff, take him to the closest art museum for a day of culture and reflection.
  9. Go to a baseball game. It’s the middle of the season so go cheer on your favorite team with some peanuts and hotdogs in hand.
  10. BBQ! Smelling dinner slow cooking all day is a truly wonderful aroma and it’s a great opportunity to sit back and relax in anticipation of a great meal.
  11. Get the friends together and have a huge bonfire. Who doesn’t like an unnecessarily large pyre of flame in your backyard? The pyro in your life will!
  12. Go to your local go-kart track to let your husband have a little fun around some corners. You’ll get bonus points if you go to a high speed track.
  13. Grab your off-roader and go hit the trail with your hubby. He’ll love the thrills and if you pack a lunch, you can make a whole day of it.
  14. Sometimes Groupon offers the opportunity to drive super cars such as Ferraris or Lamborghinis and I’m betting any husband with a beating heart might want to give that a go.
  15. Take your active husband out to his favorite trail or even a new one for some hiking. The feeling of reaching the end of a hike is filled with accomplishment and satisfaction.

Armed with a little inspiration, go give your husband the best Father’s Day yet! If you liked some of our ideas or have some of your own, we’d love to hear about it.

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