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Fun and Frugal Date Night Idea: DIY Nerf Gun Game

Fun and Frugal Date Night Idea: DIY Nerf Gun Game

Sometimes it’s a little fun to get goofy and have an unconventional date night. That’s why we came up with a fun DIY target practice date night for you and your special someone to try your hand in Nerf gun skills. Whether it’s just you and your boo or the whole family, get ready to have some fun. Perfect for anyone on a budget, a great stay-out-home date idea, or to celebrate your husband on Father’s Day.

What you’ll need:

  • Fun and Frugal Date Night Idea: DIY Nerf Gun Game10 paper or plastic disposable cups (smaller cups are more challenging)
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors
  • One Nerf gun
  • Nerf gun amo (this game calls for 10 shots per round)
  • A large area in the house with no breakables around (a dining table works great!)
  • This PDF printable for targets and score cards
  • Paper
  • A printer


Print the PDF targets and score cards then cut them out. Put the score cards aside; you’ll be using those during game play.

Tape your cut out targets to the outside, upper part of the cup. If you have smaller cups and there is excess paper, trim off the extra little bit for a perfect fit.

Fun and Frugal Date Night Idea: DIY Nerf Gun Game

Mix up the targets and place them in a cleared area. You can either line them up in a perpendicular row to you on a large surface or place them around the house for more of a challenge. You can even switch the setup for different rounds to up the ante.

Now you’re ready to take aim and shoot! Everyone gets 10 shots per round. As Player One shoots, have Player Two record the hit targets. After Player One’s round is finished, switch and Player Two will shoot while Player One records. Finish all 10 rounds and tally the points. Who will it be that wins the shootout: Annie Oakley or Billy the Kid?

Love this fun DIY date night idea? Let us know below or share with others!

Fun and Frugal Date Night Idea: DIY Nerf Gun Game







  1. Tina Wagner says

    Hi- I love this pin and the ideas! We want to have some Christmas Eve fun using these ideas as a family. I was hoping to print the targets and score cards, but when I click on the PDF link it is just blank. Are you able to email it to me please?


    • Hi Tina! Thanks for reaching out and letting us know you can’t download the PDF. I’ve just emailed you the PDF, so you should be all set for Christmas Eve with your family! Have fun!


      • Tina Wagner says

        After I subscribed as a follower I was able to see it! Thanks so much! I’m so excited to play this as a family Christmas Eve!!

        Sent from my iPhone



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