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21 Things You Didn’t Know About Us

Eric and Stacey

We spend a lot of time sharing date ideas, marriage resources, and recipes for two with you so we thought it was time we’d share a little about ourselves. Hope you get to know us a little better!

  1. Stacey: I have an obsession with sharks, especially great whites. I think they get a bad rap and great white attacks are because of confusion or curiosity. I do fear bull sharks though due to their territorial behavior. I actually had an encounter with one on the shores of South Carolina and was nudged in the leg a couple of times. I took it as a warning and Jesus-lizarded (is that a word?) across the water. My bucket list is swim with a Whale Shark.
  2. Eric: I don’t have an acute fear of spiders but I would safely say they are probably one of my least favorite animals on the planet. Eight legs just ain’t right and there is no way you can convince me otherwise.
  3. Stacey: Eric and I actually first met at church. It was Eric’s first day at a young adults ministry night and much to his typical behavior, he was almost an hour early, and I was the only there with the pastors setting up. My pastor had me go greet him at the door so I was literally the first person he met at church.
  4. Eric: Facing your fears is not my motto but I definitely embrace this mentality because life is just too short. In that vein, I used to be afraid of deep water so I took a scuba diving class and became a certified diver to conquer my fear.
  5. Stacey: I LOVE hiking and backpacking. My goal in life is to hike every national park in the US. So far I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon, Zion, Acadia, Arches, Sequoia, Joshua Tree, Bryce, Redwood, Mount Rainier, and the Petrified Forest. I still have so many more to go!
  6. Eric: I currently live in a household that does not tolerate cats due to Stacey’s acute allergy to them. It breaks my heart a little bit each day but the benefits of my wife’s presence far outweigh the joys of cat ownership. If this sounds like I am trying to get brownie points, you are absolutely correct.
  7. Stacey: In my free time, I’m an artist. Anything I can do with my hands comes easily. I love water color, chalk, and sketching.
  8. Eric: I’ve probably spent a shocking amount of my life moving sideways. What I mean by that is I’m a board sports fanatic, be it skateboarding, snowboarding, or surfing.
  9. Stacey: We’re a house of musicians! I play the clarinet, alto sax, and guitar. Eric plays the trumpet.
  10. Eric: Accident prone is a word my parents would absolutely use to describe me. Growing up I broke nine different bones, some of which I was responsible and others I was not. Not a super proud accomplishment as casts are really itchy.
  11. Stacey: I have a phobia of monkeys! I watched Outbreak when I was younger and that movie freaked me out. I won’t travel anywhere there are wild monkeys and I avoid the monkey section in the zoo.
  12. Eric: I have driven a dodge caravan into Hell’s Canyon along the Idaho border. Do I recommend doing this? Absolutely not! In my younger less informed days, I took the family mini van off-roading. However, I am here to tell the tale and I can let all of you now that AAA does not help you when you are not on a paved road.
  13. Stacey: My mom said that at birth, she had two names picked out. One if I was a girl or one if I was a boy. Turns out the boy name was Eric, the man I married! It was meant to be.
  14. Eric: My favorite flavor of ice cream is rocky road, not particularly interesting but hey we all have a flavor we love and I felt like telling the world.
  15. Stacey: I grew up in a very small town (population 5,000) in San Diego County, Ca. My graduation class was 42 students and we broke the record for the most students. Most classes had an average of 25 students.
  16. Eric: When I was a kid I wanted to be a veterinarian. Animals are pretty sweat, just saying.
  17. Stacey: For those of you that are familiar with the Myers-Briggs personality test, I’m an INFJ. Shout out to the other 2% of INFJ’s out there.
  18. Eric: I seriously hate peas! This has been a constant in my life and I can’t explain why this is. I’ve pretty much grown out of every other childhood food dislikes and yet this one remains.
  19. Stacey: I love winter. Nothing makes me happier than a snowstorm, some cozy blankets, a fire in the fireplace, and a hot cup of tea. Even for our honeymoon, we went to a snowy, mountain town. No tropical island where the sun beats relentlessly. I’m a big fan of “hygge”.
  20. Eric: The one show I can always watch again and again is Scrubs. I can’t really explain why but every six months or so I feel the need to re-watch the seasons.
  21. Stacey: We are a big football house. We throw Superbowl parties every year and you can guarantee that we’re rushing home after church on Sundays to watch our teams. But what makes it really interesting is that I’m a 49er’s fan (holla California!) and Eric is a Seasquawks fan, I mean Seahawks fan. We are a house divided during football season and things get a little heated around  here between the months of August to February when our teams are playing. Especially when they are playing against each other.

Hope you enjoyed this and have gotten to know us a little better. If you can relate to any of the above, or have a funny fact about yourself, we would love to hear from you!

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