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A Big Announcement + A Happy Fourth of July

Happy 4th of July

We have a big announcement to share with you. After three years of incredible adventures, amazing food, unforgettable people, challenging weather, and the perfect place to start our marriage, we’re saying a bittersweet farewell to Rhode Island and starting a new chapter of our lives in Seattle, Washington. A very special thank you to those in Little Rhody that welcomed us, inspired us, and challenged us. We’ll be continuing our married adventure in the Pacific North West in just two short weeks. Stay tuned for an epic road trip through the northern half of the U.S. soon!

We’re also excited to be celebrating the Fourth of July in Rhode Island one last time. One of the New England things we will greatly miss is the patriotism here. This is, after all, the epicenter of where the United States became its own country and it’s an honor to celebrate on the land where battles were fought, sacrifices were made, and freedom was won.

To those of you in the U.S., we hope you have a happy (and sunny) Fourth of July,

Stacey + Eric


    • Awe Erica. As I was writing this post, you were one of the amazing individuals we’ve met here that I was thinking and reminiscing about. So glad we got to meet you!


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