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30+ Date Night Ideas for Foodies

30+ Date Night Ideas for Foodies (Other than Going to a Restaurant)

Tired of the same old local restaurants or the stereotypical dinner and a move date nights? We’ve got just the thing for you (well, 33 to be exact). Whether you’re on a budget, bored and in a foodie rut, or just looking for some ideas to spice up your night together, we’ve go you covered with some fun date night ideas for fellow food lovers. Bon appétit!

  1. Try a new recipe together – have a favorite dish at a local restaurant? Or are you up for the a culinary challenge? Make a fancy dinner from scratch at home. Our favorite cookbook for date nights at home is Thomas Keller’s “Ad Hock at Home”. We’ve also got some of our favorite date night recipes right here on the blog.
  2. Make tapas and snack all night – I love tapas because I can never decide on what I want to cook. Make appetizer serving sizes of your favorite dishes to share with your sweetie.
  3. Chocolate and pink champagne – pick up an assortment of chocolate truffles from your favorite chocolatier, pop open a bottle of pink bubbly, and eat the whole dang box together. Bonus points if you’re not wearing any clothes.
  4. Wine, cheese, and fruits – this is classic go-to date night and can be enjoyed anytime of the year; on the porch in the summer or in front of the fire place during the winter. If you need help choosing the perfect wine, our resident chef Joe Choi put together an easy guide for you.
  5. Make different dishes from different locations – travel the world right in your own dining room. Get creative and try – key word here is try – to cook dishes from countries you and your boo want to visit. Ours would be ceviche from Peru as an appetizer, Paella from Spain for the entrée, and toscakaka from Sweden for dessert.
  6. Go on a restaurant walk – every city and large town has restaurant walks. Sample the best dishes from different restaurants in one night. The only downside? They happen during a certain time of the year so plan ahead by checking for schedules and tickets. Oh yeah, the other downside? Too. Much. Food. Not that that’s ever a bad thing.
  7. Go to a winery/brewery/distillery – you don’t need to be in wine country to try out this date night. Check out your local distillery, brewery, and if you are lucky enough to live close to where grapes grow, spend the day at the winery.
  8. Hire a personal chef for the night – splurge a little and have a personal chef come to your house for the night. This is a great anniversary or Valentines Day idea to surprise your partner with. We did it and the experience was amazing! Lucky for you, our chef was kind enough to share the recipes he prepared that night for our readers.
  9. Make cocktails or mocktails for each other – be mixologists for the night and make craft cocktails for each other. We have a couple of our favorite cocktail recipes right here on the blog, like the Aperol Spritz and the Sage and Ginger Fizz.
  10. Pack a picnic – grab your picnic basket and blanket, and enjoy each other’s company at your local park. Check out our blog post on what to pack for the perfect picnic. And if you’re looking for a more romantic recipe, we’ve got the perfect ahi salad that’s easy to pack and take where ever you go.
  11. Make homemade sushi – grab a sushi kit and have some fun making sushi rolls together. I love this idea as a date night because you can either follow recipes or make your own. For perfect sushi rice, rolling instructions, and suggested fillings, check out our own sushi date night post. Don’t trust yourself rolling sushi? We’ve also go an easy ahi poke bowl recipe by our favorite local chef.
  12. Do blindfolded taste testing – head to the grocery store and separately buy things to try (don’t let your spouse see you!) or find things in your refrigerator. Blindfold your spouse and have them guess what your feeding them, then switch!
  13. Restaurant hop – start off with cocktails at a bar, go to a place with good appetizers, get dinner at another location, and finish the night at your favorite dessert location.
  14. Catch your own fish/clam/crab and cook it – spend the day on the water catching fish together, then head home to cook your fare.
  15. Try a real farm-to-table experience – this may take a little research on your end and may be determined by time of year and location. Find a farm that has a restaurant for the real farm to table experience.
  16. Try a harbor tour that provides dinner – enjoy a beautiful night on the water, dining and learning about your local town. This is the perfect atmosphere for a romantic night together.
  17. Try a train that serves dinner – not near the water or get seasick? See if there is a train tour that serves dinner. We’ve found one in Massachusetts and one in Washington.
  18. Go to a restaurant event – there are often wine tasting or other special tasting events at local restaurants. Call ahead to your favorite restaurants and ask if they’re doing anything like this or any other event.
  19. Go to the farmers market – have lunch together with food at the market, pick up ingredients, and then make a special date night dinner with your purchased provisions.
  20. Go fruit picking – pick berries, apples, pears, peaches, pumpkins or whatever other fruit is in season and bake a pie with it. We love going apple picking and baking with our yield or making homemade apple cider.
  21. Try your own “Chopped date night” – do something completely out of the box and have a lot of creative fun! Have a Chopped battle, right on your own kitchen. Check out our very own Chopped date night for rules, shopping lists, and instructions.
  22. Make you own marshmallows and homemade hot chocolate – making your own homemade marshmallows are easy and fun. Added with some rich, homemade hot chocolate and snuggles by the fire, you’ve got the perfect date night.
  23. Take a cooking class together – work on your cooking chops or just have a little fun in the kitchen together.
  24. Take a testing class together – whether it’s coffee or wine, taking a tasting class is a great way to appreciate your favorite sips even more.
  25. Go foraging – you can either purchase a book or take a class at your local REI or college. If you are foraging for mushrooms, we do highly recommend talking a class for that. Afterwards, make a delicious salad or a mushroom risotto with your fresh finds.
  26. Go see a live cooking show – check out your local theaters for live cooking shows. We saw “America’s Test Kitchen: The Perfect Burger” and then went out afterwards for the best burgers in Boston.
  27. Do fondue – you can either buy the kit and do it at home, or head to a local fondue restaurant for some delicious dipping fun.
  28. Make homemade ice cream – buy an ice cream maker and either make up your own frozen concoction or find some fun ice cream recipes to try out. We love using the “Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream and Dessert Book”.
  29. Plant a garden – ok, I admit this sounds like more work. But going to a nursery, picking up some tomato plants, enjoying some sunshine, and eating vine-picked sliced tomatoes with some mozzarella, fresh basil, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar together sounds dreamy to me!
  30. Check out local food trucks – find local food trucks and check their locations on Twitter for a delicious date night.
  31. Go on a food tour – culinary tourism is a thing! A new thing I will admit, but cities are catching onto this idea. You can do it right in your own hometown or take a little weekend getaway. This may require some research on your side but a simple google of food tour + your city name may render some good results. You can also call your local tour agency and they may have some good suggestions as well.
  32. Have sexy time with food – I don’t need to say much more other than go buy some strawberries, whip cream, or any thing else you can eat off of each other ;).
  33. Watch some top-notch food documentaries – we love picking up dinner to go from our favorite takeout restaurant and snuggling together on the couch watching “Chef’s Table” on Netflix.


  1. Such great ideas to shake things up a bit! I’m proud to say we’ve done some of these, but you’ve also give me some more options! Would love to take a cooking class with my husband!

  2. styleandsenses says

    aw cute ideas! I love food, so def. taking notes on these!
    – An Trieu

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