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15 Date Ideas for a Rainy Day

Date night ideas for a rainy day

Now that my wonderful wife and I have started to nestle back in to living in the great Pacific Northwest, a stark reality hit us. It rains all the time in winter.

I grew up here and fully expected this. Being the outdoorsy person I am, this didn’t register as a problem as rain means snow in the mountains, which then means I’m in the mountains. Simple math for a simple man. Anyways, now that I have chosen to join my life with someone else, I realized that this can’t always be the case. Bummer or opportunity in disguise? I’ll let you be the judge but I’ve tended towards the latter.

Here are a few ways you can have just as much – if not more – fun on a date night with your boo while the heavens rain down.

Date night ideas for a rainy day

  1. Take in some art – When it’s bright and sunny you usually don’t think about going to a museum so… if it’s raining this might be your shot. There is always a local historical society that will be more than happy you are there. Learn something new and make someone’s day. Win, win.
  2. Go to a concert – Being in the Pacific Northwest there is always a local show going on and in my experience, this is not too dissimilar to many other places in the US. Go look up the concert schedule at your local music venue and get after it.
  3. Play video games with each other – My wife and I personally love Halo but we are usually on the go so we don’t set aside time for it unless it’s raining. Pick a game you can both play and let the yelling commence. Racing games might be the most common, but if you still have a Wii then throw in some Wii Sports.
  4. Go bowling – The bowling alley plays a very distinct role in any community, it is a place to go realize that you are not good at this particular activity. If you play in a league then you might not have this particular epiphany every time you step onto the lanes. Either way, it’s a fun place to let your guard down and laugh a little.
  5. Groupon Roulette – Go take a look on Groupon and find something fun, possibly new to you and go do that. If you end up paddle boarding in the rain I’m sorry, not sorry. You’ll have a memory.
  6. Board Game – There are many, many different types of games out there, some can even be a little scandalous. Board games are fun and let our competitive side shine. Just make sure you focus on each other and not just winning.
  7. Do a sporty indoor activity – The rain does not have to keep you off your game. There are many sports you can do inside: indoor rock climbing, skydiving, racket ball, basketball, ice skating, roller skating to name a few. Do you remember the last time you did something active not in a gym?
  8. Take a class together – It’s one of those things you rarely think about but there are a lot of establishments out there ready to teach you some new stuff. Some couple friendly options could be taking a painting, pottery, dancing, or cooking class together. A Seattle specific one would definitely be learning how to blow glass together!
  9. Challenge each other to some friendly competition – Escape rooms have gotten really popular in the past few years and are a great way to problem solve with your boo. If that’s not your speed then a scavenger hunt in a mall or antique shop might be an option for you. Check out some posts to spur some more inspiration Mall Gift Swap and Antique Store Scavenger Hunt
  10. Volunteer together – My wife and I recently did this and it is really gratifying to know how you might have made someone’s day. There are so many options out there like helping prepare food, serving food at a kitchen, and buying coats and taking them to a shelter. Every little bit helps and it’s so much more fun with your boo. Check out our post with even more ideas Date Night with a Purpose
  11. Spa night in – We all want to be pampered every once in a while, even guys. So why not go grab some bath salts, massage oils, and other smelly things and give each other spa treatment at home.
  12. Go hiking – okay, this might not seem super intuitive to many people but if you don’t go outside in the Pacific Northwest when it rains, you won’t go outside much. You’ll need to prep with a good rain jacket and waterproof shoes but you can still have tons of fun hiking through the rain. Be careful where you hike though so you don’t have to traverse slick rocks!
  13. Go skiing – When it’s raining at sea level, it’s probably snowing up in the mountains. What better time to go shred the gnar (it’s a winter sports term for those who are confused right now) than when it’s raining.
  14. Sing karaoke – How many romantic comedies have you seen that featured this particular activity? You don’t need to be Owen Wilson or Jennifer Anniston to go sing a little bit of karaoke and get a little silly. I admit alcohol may help with this particular activity if you’re a little stage shy.
  15. Bookstore date (with coffee) – If you’re looking for something a little less active, head over to a local bookstore with a cup of your favorite joe and enjoy a some light reading and discovery with your bugaboo. Plan your dream vacation, find new recipes you want to try, or get some ideas from a Kamasutra book. Whatever you do, time creates intimacy and just spending time with each other can be all you need to get some sparks flying.

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