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15 Guaranteed-to-Win Gifts for Him

15 Guaranteed-to-Win Gifts for Him

Behold. The holy grail. A list of gift ideas that are sure to impress the man in your life.

Let’s be real. Shopping for your man for the holidays, anniversary, or birthday can be one of the hardest things to do. Speaking from experience, my husband tends to have everything that he needs and I usually have to get a little creative every Christmas and birthday.

So with that, I’m here to help take some pressure off of your gift giving celebration and provide you with a tried and true list of ideas your man will love! Hopefully your gift shopping will be a little easier than mine 😉

  1. Luxury pen – This isn’t just your run of the mill ball point pen from Staples. Make your man feel like million dollars while he’s at work. Check out Tiffany & Co., Cross, or Parker to name a few. Some will even do an engraving for you.
  2. A nice framed picture of the two of you together – This one doesn’t hit the piggy bank and is thoughtful. Win, win! It’s a perfect piece for his desk at work or home.
  3. A custom star map of when you met, your first date, proposal, or marriage anniversary – This is a thoughtful and unique gift to commemorate a special date. This idea is catching on and there are quite a few services out there. You give them a date and location you want to commemorate with some custom wording, and they’ll print and deliver a sky map. We’ve done one through and got a beautiful, high quality print in return.
  4. Nice shaving kit – Make your man feel like he’s pampered. Most men don’t have this but could always use one. Plus it means stubble free kisses for you.
  5. Swag from his favorite sports team or tickets to a game – it’s hard to go wrong on this if he’s a sports fanatic. Buy him a bunch of swag like scarves, socks, jerseys (even though I’m sure he has one), hats, and beanies. Really send him over the moon with some surprise tickets to a rivalry match.
  6. High quality leather wallet with his initials – I’m sure your man could use a new wallet, so why not get him a high quality leather wallet? Make it special with his initials branded on it.
  7. A nice pocket knife – Knives + men = duh. Most men would love a high quality pocket knife. You can go to your local hunting store and get the top-of-the-line pocket knife or get fancy and have a local artist carve one for you. It all depends on what you think your man would like best!
  8. Monogrammed cuff links and tie pin – To my surprise, there are men that do like this as a gift! I asked a few men out there to review this list and they all nodded with approval on this item. So here it is! It made the list!15 Guaranteed-to-Win Gifts for Him
  9. Leather gloves – These are great if you live in a cold climate. And there are a variety of styles out there. Whether you think he would enjoy leather driving gloves, or if he’s outdoorsy and would like something a little more hardy, there’s something out there he’ll love and use a lot too!
  10. Sheepskin slippers – This is a nice luxury item he’ll love. My husband takes out the trash during the winter in our house, so he has a pair of sheepskin slippers with sturdy soles he can wear inside and out. He loves them and wears them every night.
  11. The latest and greatest smart watch – Is you partner a techie? He’s sure to love this! And there are so many great ones to choose from. If he’s a fitness guru, he’ll love a FitBit. Techie? Apple. Both?  Garmin. Either way, he’ll be a happy man.
  12. Noise canceling headphones – Whether they’re over-the-ear for entertainment or in-ears for his workout, he’ll love these! Try to find a pair of wireless ones with Bluetooth.
  13. A fancy bottle of whisky and unique whisky glasses to match – This might take a little bit of foot work to find some unique glasses, but if he loves whisky, this will be a fun gift idea for him. If he’s not into whisky, this can be subbed with any of his favorite sips.
  14. Nice tool box (I’m talking about those big ones with one wheels) or a sturdy work bench with drawers – If you have a handyman in your life, this is a large ticket item he’ll love tinkering with and will also get a lot of use out of.
  15. Subscription box – It’s the gift that keeps giving! And there are subscription boxes out there for any hobby or interest. It might just take a little homework on your side to choose one as there are a lot of options out there!

I hope this list has saved you from a headache or two! If you have any other ideas, please share with our readers below. If this list was helpful, please give it a share! Happy shopping!







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