Month: February 2018

5 Reasons Why Date Night Could Save Your Marriage

5 Reasons Why Date Night Could Save Your Marriage

We have something to admit to you. We’ve skipped date night. A lot. Gasp. I know. We’re terrible people. Ok, all sarcasm aside, it really is a big deal for us. I mean, we create content for our website  ENTIRELY about date nights. So if we’re not keeping ourselves accountable in our marriage, how are we supposed to help you stay accountable to dating in your marriage? But on the flip side, we can relate to you. There’s this little thing called life – I’m sure you’ve heard of it – and it loves to do things like make you jump through flaming hoops of fire. Ok, I admit our lives are a little crazy right now and that is an over exaggeration. Life can hit and it can certainly make you busy with the end result being you and your partner missing date nights as the weeks go on. Ok, Stacey, what’s the big fuss? We do date night on occasion, we have much bigger things to worry about, and our marriage is fine. …