Month: April 2019

Married couple communicating

Keep Your Marriage Connected with These 8 Questions

With the business of balancing work, family, and other additional commitments, you need to make your marriage a priority through connection and consistency. Whether you ask one or all of these questions, once a week or once a month, it’s healthy to put some time aside for your relationship and check in with each other. Also, remember that this is coming from a place of vulnerability. Treat each other with respect and avoid the blame game at all costs. Do you feel loved? This is a great question to get the conversation started. If you do feel loved, what are things your spouse did to make you feel that way? If you don’t, what can your spouse do to make you feel loved? Do you feel respected? The word “love” is easy to associate with marriage. The word “respect” is just as important but easily forgotten, especially in the heat of disagreements and busy schedules. Asking this question allows you both to slow down and keep respect at the forefront when it comes to priorities …