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Road Trip Wrap Up

For those who have been following along know that we’ve picked up our life again and have ventured back to the West Coast. We’re sure those of you who have made massive moves like this are shaking your head and wondering if we’re crazy or masochistic. We’re neither, we promise but it was the right time and place. We said some tough goodbyes to our East Coast friends and family, and through tear-filled eyes, we left behind some incredible people and some unforgettable memories. It’s not an end but a new direction. True to our adventurous nature, we decided to turn our cross country move into a road trip to remember. Here’s a blow by blow of our trip through the American heartland. Day 1: Long Island, NY Our first stop on our trip was to say our final goodbyes to our New York family. We spent the last hours on the East Coast enjoying the sunny warmth, dipping our toes one more time into the Atlantic. Our time on the beach was followed by …

Happy 4th of July

A Big Announcement + A Happy Fourth of July

We have a big announcement to share with you. After three years of incredible adventures, amazing food, unforgettable people, challenging weather, and the perfect place to start our marriage, we’re saying a bittersweet farewell to Rhode Island and starting a new chapter of our lives in Seattle, Washington. A very special thank you to those in Little Rhody that welcomed us, inspired us, and challenged us. We’ll be continuing our married adventure in the Pacific North West in just two short weeks. Stay tuned for an epic road trip through the northern half of the U.S. soon! We’re also excited to be celebrating the Fourth of July in Rhode Island one last time. One of the New England things we will greatly miss is the patriotism here. This is, after all, the epicenter of where the United States became its own country and it’s an honor to celebrate on the land where battles were fought, sacrifices were made, and freedom was won. To those of you in the U.S., we hope you have a happy …

Eric and Stacey

21 Things You Didn’t Know About Us

We spend a lot of time sharing date ideas, marriage resources, and recipes for two with you so we thought it was time we’d share a little about ourselves. Hope you get to know us a little better! Stacey: I have an obsession with sharks, especially great whites. I think they get a bad rap and great white attacks are because of confusion or curiosity. I do fear bull sharks though due to their territorial behavior. I actually had an encounter with one on the shores of South Carolina and was nudged in the leg a couple of times. I took it as a warning and Jesus-lizarded (is that a word?) across the water. My bucket list is swim with a Whale Shark. Eric: I don’t have an acute fear of spiders but I would safely say they are probably one of my least favorite animals on the planet. Eight legs just ain’t right and there is no way you can convince me otherwise. Stacey: Eric and I actually first met at church. It was …

Attention Engaged New Englanders!

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