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The Perfect Picnic: A New Spin on Picnic Lunch Classics

The Perfect Picnic: A New Spin on Picnic Lunch Classics

With summer and Fourth of July weekend in full swing, we got busy in the kitchen and came up with the perfect tasty picnic recipe combos that are easy to make and sure to impress. Picnic as a fun date idea in the summer when the weather is perfect or you’re on a budget. We’ve gotten creative with the typical favorite classics for you like corn on the cob, potato salad, lemonade and chocolate chip cookies. We decided to keep the fried chicken southern and classic though, because it’s hard to beat southern fried chicken. Enjoy these yummy treats, have fun in the summer sun and have a happy Fourth of July!!   Buttermilk Fried Chicken Adapted from The Newlywed Cookbook: Fresh Ideas and Modern Recipes for Cooking With and for Each Other by Sarah Copeland Chicken Brine 3 cups of buttermilk 2 tablespoons of salt 1 tablespoon of pepper 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper 4 lb of chicken pieces Chicken Breading 2 cups of all-purpose or plain flower 1 tablespoon of fresh thyme 1 teaspoon …

Homemade Chicken Tortilla Wrap Recipe

The Perfect Dinner on the Go: Chicken Tortilla Wrap

These chicken wraps are perfect for any outside date ideas: a day at the beach, an afternoon getaway on your bikes or hike into the woods together. Just roll them up into tin foil and throw them your bag. What’s not to love about avocados, juicy chicken, cheese and the best part, easy to make homemade tortillas? Yes, I said homemade tortillas – it’s in my San Diego nature to boycott packaged tortillas. No judgment though if you want to skip the tortilla portion of this recipe (ok…maybe a little judgment). My husband was literally trying to snatch these delicious and healthy wraps off of the plate before I was able to snap a picture for the blog. Try shooting on a manual camera while swatting your husband’s hands away from the framed shot. I’m sure all the busy mamas out there are laughing at me but this was no easy feat. And that’s also a testament to how mouth watering these wraps are. We hope you enjoy this recipe just as much my husband …

Greek Dinner Recipe - Tzatziki Sauce, Pita Bread, Tabouleh and Chicken Souvlaki

Homemade Greek Dinner for Two

This was one of the first date night ideas I put together when my wife and I were newly dating. This is a dinner date that takes a lot of forethought and prep so if you are looking for a quick date night idea, you may want to rethink this one. This date was meant to impress and it definitely did, as evidenced by the rock that resides on my wife’s left hand. For those that are not very confident in their cooking skills, this dinner is fairly easy as the ingredients are minimal and the prep is intermediate. If all else fails, run down to your local greek restaurant. Now down to the details… Note: Actual ingredients and detailed instructions for each recipe is at the bottom. The dish I prepared was chicken souvlaki (chicken kebab if you need a visual) and pita bread with tzatziki sauce. My wife helped out by preparing tabouli (or tabbouleh? Who cares! It tastes good!) to add some veggies and color to the plate. Stopping right there, this …