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Bruschetta Burger with Parmesan Garlic Fries and Aioli Sauce Recipe

Lunch Date Recipe: Bruschetta Burger with Parmesan Garlic Fries and Aioli Sauce

November is a time for thankfulness, final goodbyes to fall, turkey recipes and time with family. It’s also when football is in full swing and a fancy burger like our bruschetta burger, garlic and parmesan french fries and an aioli dipping sauce with a comfy couch and your significant other is in order. Now before you judge us and say “well, how can you combine the word football and date in one sentence?”, hear us out first. In our house, we take football very seriously. With Eric hailing from Seattle and being a die hard Seahawks fan and me being from the Golden State and rooting for my Forty Niners, things can get a little interesting with a division rivalry. Differences aside, we both love the sport and actually bonded when we were first dating over watching football games together on Sundays. We’d meet up after church at a Buffalo Wild Wings wearing our best team garb and flirt through poking fun at each others teams. So if you’re like us and you and your …