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Why is everyone getting divorced?

Why is Everyone Getting Divorced? Top 10 Reasons According to Google

One thing you hear these days is that the divorce rate is on average about 50% and gets worse with sequential marriages. With statistics like that, all of us who aspire to love our spouses and grow a healthy and happy family might as well flip a coin at the altar. Heads, we make it. Tails, we’d better get a pre-nup. Here at Tonight’s Better Together, we don’t accept this as fact but as more of a cautionary tale. All it tells me is that it is harder than many think to have a successful and happy marriage. So being the data nerd that I am, I thought it might be interesting to see what the top reasons are for divorce according to the top search results from Google. Infidelity – This seems like common sense to most. If you park your car in a garage you don’t pay the rent on, you might have some issues with your landlord. But in all seriousness, infidelity is a major violation of trust with your partner and …