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Quick and easy ahi tuna poke recipe

Quick and Easy Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl Recipe

Another creation out of the kitchen of Chef Choi is ready for your next date night: the simple yet delicious poke bowl. If you say poke bowl fast it sort of sounds like poke ball. Yes, this is a really nerdy comment but it made me laugh. If you are a sushi fanatic but making sushi from scratch seems like a daunting feat, then you will fall in love with this easy recipe.   Poke is a Hawaiian raw fish dish that is typically made with tuna. It’s not seared or cooked in any way nor is it “cooked” like ceviche. So, if you’re into Sashimi then this flavorful recipe is a nice change of pace. I like to devour my poke over rice so that the sauce and all the juices seep into the rice while I eat it. Poke is a relatively easy dish to make; all you need is the ingredients, a little knife work, and some patience. First you want to cut the tuna into ½” by ½” cubes. Next, take …