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Holiday Lighted Boat Parade - Mystic Connecticut

Christmas Date Ideas: Holiday Lighted Boat Parade in Mystic, CT

We are really excited that we’re just three weeks away from my favorite holiday: Christmas. Ok, I should rephrase that. I am really, really excited. I tend to go a little overboard and my poor husband is caught in the wake. We made a deal that there would be no mention of Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving. So naturally, the day after Thanksgiving, my husband woke up to a fully decorated house and two days after the turkey day, we were headed to a double date with some friends in Mystic, Connecticut to kick of Christmas festivities watching boats covered in bright little lights float down Mystic River. This is our second time heading to Mystic and as usual, we were enchanted by its charm and beautiful water fronts. Don’t be fooled by its small town feel though. When it comes time to celebrate fall and winter, they know how to do it right. From Clyde’s Cider Mill and corn mazes in the fall to their Holiday Boat Parade and Christmas tree lighting, there’s …

Fall Date Ideas: Corn Maze and Cider Mill

Fall Date Ideas: Cider and Corn Mazes

It is fall and sadly it will be gone too soon as winter slowly marches towards us. However we’re not there yet so take heart that there are some great date nights to be had. We took advantage of our day off on Columbus Day and decided to go get some fresh pressed apple cider and adventure through a corn maze. For the seasoned New Englander this should be almost habitual, but for those of us that hail from other places, this was magical. We decided that we should get our fresh pressed apple cider first before going and spending hours wandering the corn maze. We took the recommendation of a friend and made the drive down to Mystic, CT where Clyde’s Cider House resides. This place does not take apple cider lightly and has been that way for over 100 years. This is a public service announcement: there is a healthy population of bees in this area and given that apples are full of sugar, wait to get your apple cider products and check …