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Husband and Wife with Piggy Bank

6 Tips for Financial Success in your Marriage

It has been said that finances are one of the main sources of disagreement in married couples. If the thought of reading or even talking about finances made you cringe, then this might be a more real topic to you than you’d like to admit. Money stirs up funny feelings in many of us. It’s this thing that comes with so many memories and strings attached. Growing up, you might have come from a family who talked about it openly and you want to replicate that in your marriage. On the flipside, you might relate finances to religion and politics, which are to be spoken of in hush tones behind closed doors. Whichever side of the spectrum you may fall, it’s these inert different views of finance that cause friction day-in-day-out in a marriage. What’s the solution? If you’ve been following us for any amount of time then you know it’s all about communication and expectations. For our purposes here we’re not going to talk about how to retire happily into your golden years; we’re …