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Hammock Date Night

Summer Date Ideas: Hammock Together

While fold out chairs have been the gold standard for enjoying sunny summer days, the hammock is the completely underrated runner up. We thought investing in a hammock would add some flavor to our summer days and we were instantly overjoyed when we were right. While you’re sitting atop a heap of metal and plastic, you could be gently swaying in the wind between two trees strengthened by time and patience. Okay, I get that my description is a little too picturesque but hammocks are just better. One fateful summer evening, we decided to head down to India Point Park in Providence, RI. The temperature was in the mid 80’s and was dropping as the sun was dipping lower in the sky. We found a spot between two trees with sufficient strength atop a small null in the middle of the park. It was the perfect spot to either watch the walkers go by or see what the local fishermen were pulling in. It was made all the better by snuggling with my wife and …

Seared Tuna Ahi Salad Recipe

Summer Date Ideas: Seared Ahi Tuna Salad Recipe

Summer evokes a lot of memories for many people. It could be the feel of the warm summer sun on your skin or even the cool ocean waters on your feet. Often times it’s the smell of barbecue from the grill. We completely agree, but we also enjoy a cold and crisp salad with some seared fish to top it off. When the humidity of the New England summer sweeps through like a rushing stampede, if there is anything that makes us think cool thoughts, we are on board. This dish was born out of an early date in our relationship. Given that I made the first move, our first couple of dates were orchestrated by me. Then I challenged my at the time girlfriend to cook dinner. I could not have prepared for what was to come. It was a delicious meal composed of greens and fresh ahi tuna all why we watched the San Diego skyline light up the sky from Coronado Island in a small, hidden park on the water. This particular …

Blount Clam Shack Riverside RI

Carousels and Clam Cakes

If you’re looking for a date to chill, enjoy some conversation and maybe take advantage of a precious and perfect summer day that’s so rare in New England, we’ve got the perfect idea for you. On this particular date my wife and I decided to head down to the carousel in Riverside, Rhode Island on the corner of Beach Rd. and Bullocks Point Ave. This is a beautiful little hideaway that features local entertainment and community functions at least once a week. It’s also the perfect trifecta of food, fun and beautiful views. It’s a great place to come if you have small children because in addition to the carousel, there’s a vast amount of parks, playgrounds and beaches. Kids aside, this location works well for a first date or a relaxed date as there are plenty of places to walk around or lay down a blanket and have a picnic. The first thing on our minds when we arrived in the Crescent Park area was to get some food, enter Blount Clam Shack. There …