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San Pedro, Belize

Everything You Need to Know for a Week in San Pedro, Belize

If you have been following us on Instagram, you’ve seen us post some dreamy, tropical photos lately. After a few months of hard work at our day jobs while balancing the blog and home life, Eric and I were in desperate need of a getaway. With that, we met Eric’s family for some good, ol’ fashioned R and R in the sunshine and aqua ocean of San Pedro, Belize. I think the main lesson for me during this vacation was to unplug! I’m a web designer by trade so I am constantly plugged in. The good news was internet connectivity was spotty. Just what I needed! Though it was tempting at first, I soon found myself only needing my phone to take a million, dreamy summer pictures. I even stopped paying attention to the time and what day it was. I call that a success! I was really able to finally relax for once and engulf myself in the tropical paradise of San Pedro. This being my first real international trip (Mexico and Canada don’t …